DLX hopes to become the top boxing gym in Las Vegas for training camps

DLX Boxing is poised to become the premier boxing gym in Sin City.

The state of the art gym is strategically located on the west side of Las Vegas in a quiet area where fighters can concentrate on the task at hand while only being 15 minutes away from the bright lights of the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

“We set this gym up so fighter’s can focus on their upcoming fights and not worry about outside disturbances. We have fighters from all of the world flying in to hold their training camps,” stated DLX Boxing owner Tru Nevins.

The gym has received the endorsement of several fighters in its short time in operation and is already known as the cleanest in the city with air conditioning and heating available to create the preferred training temperature for each individual athlete.

“We truly want to provide a VIP experience for the fighters. Whether it is a 6 week camp, an 8 week or 10 week camp, this gym will be home for them. We want them to have everything they need to successful,” stated Nevins.