Benjamin vs Harkin clash promises to out-shine Eggington vs. Molia headliner

Sam Eggington Carlos Molina

Sam Eggington’s shootout against Carlos Molina for the WBC Silver Middleweight Championship headlines the Hennessy Sports show on Saturday 22nd May at the Coventry Skydome Arena, live and free on Channel 5, but chief-support Kaisee Benjamin and Martin Harkin are promising to eclipse that and deliver the fight of the night in their hotly anticipated British Welterweight Title Eliminator*.

Birmingham talent Benjamin, 25, is known for his laid-back manner, but he’s fired up like never before for the biggest fight of his career against the granite Scotsman who is equally hyped up and intent on causing a major upset on the night.

Midland’s Area Champion Benjamin knows a victory over Harkin, the reigning Celtic Welterweight Champion, will put him within touching distance of the British title holder Chris Jenkins and a dream shot at the Lonsdale belt – and he’s going all out on the night.

It’s a ‘pick ‘em’ fight with both boxers quite evenly matched; both have 14 fights apiece, silky skilled Benjamin has slightly more Championship experience, whilst Harkin has a small edge in power with three more stoppages than Benjamin.

“I’ve been accused of being too ‘chilled’ in my fights, but this British Title Eliminator has got me really pumped up and you could see something special,” Said Benjamin.

“Maybe the fights before haven’t really excited me, don’t get me wrong, all fights are important but maybe I needed that something extra to lift me to the next level and knowing that a win over Harkin will lead to the British title has given me that extra ‘oomph’,”

“It’s a big show that I’m featuring on, Sam’s in the main event in a big fight and I’m the chief supporting bout with the Channel 5 cameras on me so the stakes are a lot higher this time. Maybe that has a lot to do with it, but I can feel the heat already and I really want to get out there and perform,”

“I can’t wait to get in there and start doing my thing. Let’s see what Harkin is like for real in the ring. I know that I’ve got a solid chin, great work-rate and skills, can he match that? I don’t believe he can,”

“Sam’s fight against Molina is going to be a cracker, but I believe that me and Harkin will also be a real fire fight, we both want it bad and the one who wants it most will come out on top.”

Harkin, 29, from Dumbarton, says he’s ready to go right now and has had ample time to prepare for Benjamin, with plenty of top quality sparring against O’Hara Davies, Lewis Ritson and Mason Cartwright in the build up.

He said, “This is a great opportunity on a massive platform on Channel 5 for me to break my way in and get in a prime position to get a British title shot and I’m not going to blow it,”

“I’ve had plenty of notice for this fight so I’ve prepared like never before. Usually fights get sprung on you a last minute to catch you off guard or not in full training, but I’m fight ready for Benjamin. I’ve had the best sparring with some of the leading names in Davies, Ritson and Cartwright so I’m leaving no stone unturned,”

“Benjamin is a good fighter, he’ll be ready and so will I, it will be real tasty, but I’m coming to win.”

*British Welterweight Title Eliminator awaiting approval by BBBofC.