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World Boxing Council address crowd violence at Andy Ruiz Jr. comeback

The World Boxing Council has released a statement on the crowd violence displayed on social media from the Andy Ruiz Jr. victory over the weekend.

Videos circulating, some of which came from boxing media and made light of the situation, have faced condemnation in most quarters.

The WBC moved to address the events on Monday.

They said: “Attend to enjoy the show. Don’t be the one who gives it a bad reputation. Let’s celebrate our return to the stands with responsibility.

“The opportunity to open the shows to the public, is a source of great joy and also of meaningful reflection.

“Let us recognize the enormous importance and significance that the presence of the fans in the arenas and stadiums has for everyone.

“It is devastating for officials, businessmen and authorities, to develop an event with empty seats.

“That atrocious silence accompanied by the echo of voices in the ring shows once again that every boxer holds links to fans.

Andy Ruiz Jr.
Sean Michael Ham

“The encouragement of support motivates boxers to give their best in the quest for success.

“Now that the fans are gradually being allowed to attend, the WBC wishes to share with you two critical reflections.

“The health of society and its members depends upon maintaining the sanitary measures required by the authorities. Its relaxation or non-observance will affect us individually and in general.

“We need to maintain common sense in all activities. Moderation in consumption and respect for other attendees is the essence of a healthy coexistence.

“We fully understand that this confinement imposed many limitations on us. And that you want to make up time quickly. But beyond that, nothing justifies or explains inappropriate behaviors that alter order, tranquility, and safety.

“We also know that by fulfilling these minimum sensible requirements, we will be able to make our sport a family space worth attending.

“Please, dear friend, never forget that your presence in the stands is the most important thing for us. And that we want you to attend to enjoy the show,” added WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.