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“Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua will happen, only delayed due to lawyers”

Tyson Fury will fight British heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua next despite one side of the argument stating the clash was impossible until at least 2022.

That’s the insistence from promoter Eddie Hearn who has been forced to explain why Bob Arum believes the undisputed battle is dead.

Using his Pay Per View platform on Sky Sports Box Office, Hearn outlined how things currently stand from his point of view.

Hearn says lawyers going through everything with a fine-tooth-comb are holding up proceedings.

“You heard from Frank Warren last night (Friday), who said quite rightly, we received the contract from the Middle East,” said Hearn.

“All sides’ lawyers have got to go through that and make sure they’re happy with it.

Eddie Hearn
Mark Robinson

“But we’re all systems go. This fight is on. This fight is happening. As I told everyone last week, back and forwards with the drafts.”

On when something official will come, the Matchroom boss added: “I believe you’ll get an announcement next week. I don’t know what else to tell you.

“I saw Bob Arum’s comments, ‘The fight is dead.’ I don’t know where that came from.

“We know what we’re doing, and that’s now been acknowledged by the other side, which is nice.

“You will get this fight next, and you will get it for the undisputed world championship. We cannot move any quicker.”


Writer Dan Rafael explained to his followers where the bout stands from his point of view.

“On the @DAZNBoxing show, Eddie Hearn says he received a contract draft from the Saudis last night, and his side and Fury side are going through it.

“As far as he is concerned, the fight is on. He says he thinks it gets done next week.”

It’s firmly a case of believing it when we see it, at the moment when it comes to Fury vs. Joshua. The whole negotiation process has been farcical.

Five months have passed since the heavyweight champions agreed on the initial deal. What has gone on since then has been painstaking for fans and media.

If this fight goes ahead this summer, it will be a miracle. Let’s hope for Hearn’s sake it does.

Deontay Wilder is still waiting in the wings for Fury in case the Joshua encounter does fall apart. WBN understands contact is ongoing regarding the trilogy.

Las Vegas is on standby to host in July if Fury and Arum walk away for good.