Floyd Mayweather is “putting on a mask, robbing the bank fighting a scrub”

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Floyd Mayweather is “robbing the bank” with his latest venture by making an obscene amount of money for little-to-no work whatsoever.

The former pound-for-pound king is not likely to stray too far from his everyday training regime when taking on a hopeless YouTuber next month.

Mayweather has again landed the lucrative SHOWTIME platform for a cash-grab clash that will predictably sell at least two million Pay Per Views.

The exhibition contest has caused an uproar among the die-hards, with even former boxers – some who campaigned under Floyd Mayweather – chiming in.

Ex-super-welterweight world champion and Contender Series star Ishe Smith aired his views, and he was as honest as ever.

The man who Mayweather took under his wing and guided to an unlikely title was brutally frank when stating what his old boss was trying to achieve.

“I will never s— on a man making some money or robbing the bank. Especially a man that retired 50-0,” said Smith on the June 6th crossover clash.

“Say what you want. But if you were Floyd Mayweather and you had the chance to make ten million-plus for fighting a scrub, you would do it too. Circus or not,” he added.

Floyd Mayweather June 6


DAZN analyst Sergio Mora, who won The Contender himself back in the day, was envious of what Mayweather can achieve at 44.

Despite becoming a grandfather this year, Mayweather will make his comeback in a fight that he’s an overwhelming 1-20 favorite to win.

“The Latin Snake” sided with Smith when describing how boxing has changed for the worse.

“Floyd Mayweather is set to put the gloves and the mask back on. #TheHeist2” – quipped Mora.

“The easy money for boxers now is picking a fight with MMA fighters and YouTubers.”

When talking over the event on The Undisputed, Commentator Skip Bayless stated he’s only watching as is his duty.

“This kills my soul. Will I buy this? Will I watch it? I will. But only because I have to,” said Bayless.

No matter what you say about Floyd Mayweather, his legacy will be untouched. The five-weight king will even enhance his tenure as years tick forward.

The Conor McGregor and these kinds of shows will fade into insignificance with the hardcore boxing fans. He can do this. He can do it, and take home a check for $100 million is a testament to his star power.

Furthermore, Floyd Mayweather sells. It simply doesn’t matter what he does.

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