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Home » Triller boss gets death threats for YouTube boxing and slap fight shows

Triller boss gets death threats for YouTube boxing and slap fight shows

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Triller boss Ryan Kavanaugh has shockingly revealed that death threats have come his way since he entered boxing for Mike Tyson’s comeback.

Kavanaugh oversaw Tyson’s return at the age of 54. An event opposite Roy Jones Jr. that smashed into the all-time Pay Per View top ten.

After Tyson dropped the company, Triller then turned to YouTubers to headline freak shows. The latest of which included a “slap fight.”

Despite reports of over one million PPV sales again, it wasn’t well-received by the die-hards.

In a startling admission, Kavanaugh pointed out he’s received threats from staunch but disgruntled fans when speaking to “At the Fights” on Sirius XM.

“I’m glad to see that people point out that Triller is boxing mixed with Stranger Things and Saturday Night Live,” said Kavanaugh.

“But we are still trying to find a sweet spot that appeases the people. I have received death threats for what we are doing at Triller.

“Triller is something that I knew that could change what we expect from boxing. We are entering uncharted territories with the product we deliver.

“I am pleased and glad to see Triller moving beyond my expectations. Boxing is something that I have a love for, and I felt sad seeing it go down the hill.

“Boxing used to be a family event, but unfortunately, all of that has changed.”

Mike Tyson

Joe Scarnici / Triller

On his perception of the sport, Kavanaugh added: “Boxing evolved to a 50+ audience for a sport. We needed to find a way to make it appealing to a broader audience.

“One change I wanted to change in boxing was camera angles. That was one of the significant changes I took in.

“The boxing audience today is extremely different than the fans of Mike Tyson’s era. It’s about time we change the script. Change the format of boxing and provide a solid alternative.”


Asked about what the future holds, he replied: “I can guarantee that we got six solid undercards coming up.

“These next fights will be more boxing-oriented than the past shows we have done.

“Title fights and serious fights will be on Triller, and that’s why we will be more boxing.

“Peter Kahn as Chief Boxing Officer lets him run everything boxing-related on Triller. He is setting up every undercard and event.

“The next undercard will be an undercard that everyone will want to see.

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