Marijuana and Boxing: Are there serious side effects for the boxers?

Many boxing organizations have banned using marijuana both in and out of the rings. With the status of cannabis legalization in Wisconsin, many sports personalities want a change in the game.

Marijuana remains a controversial topic among boxers. Further, all kinds of marijuana strains have different side effects on the body. Some of the strains are needed in the bodies for producing desired side effects. No strains are similar to each other. Around 29 states in the US have legalized cannabis distribution. Many sports personalities like Bob Arunm have been promoting the endless benefits of marijuana in boxing.

The potential side effects of marijuana on the boxers

While marijuana is madly legalized in many parts of the world, it is not such a great herb. It can create negative impacts on the performance and health of the athletes. Smoking marijuana leaves tar in the lungs, similar to smoking cigarettes.

Many boxers take up vaping as it’s less harmful to their bodies. Tar from cigarettes can lead to causing of respiratory problems leading to even lung cancer.

Likewise, consuming marijuana in edible forms turn out to be the best option. The effects are almost the same but without the tar in the lungs. Marijuana also increases hunger and appetite. For all the boxers trying to achieve some weight, it turns out to be problematic for them. Some effects of marijuana can also make you feel a lot sleepy.

Potential benefits of having marijuana

There are certain added benefits of taking marijuana from time to time. Some of the advantages are listed as under:

  •         It helps in relaxing the boxers.

Boxing is such a competitive and stressful sport. The status of cannabis legalization in Wisconsin has come a long way and has given the freedom only to epileptic patients to use CBD Oil. Even though fighters practice for around 12 to 16 hours and get depressed due to the physical activity they need to do in preparation for a big fight or during the fight itself, the legislators in the State of Wisconsin are still not convinced. Medical marijuana is a natural stress management alternative that any boxer should look into, but that will have to wait until the state legalizes the use of medical marijuana.


  •         Acting as a pain reliever

Boxers are said to exert limits to their bodies. Besides, it turns out to be a painful journey with the boxers always in physical pain. Many boxers are prohibited from taking any pain killer medicines. Some of the medications like opioids are very addictive. Marijuana is like a pain killer offering safer alternative as pain relievers.


  •         Reducing muscle cramps

Muscle fatigue is what most boxers suffer from. Secondly, when the muscles are attacked constantly, the muscle area gets torn up. The muscle cells help in burning the oxygen-producing waste called lactic acid. The acid causes spasms. Spams are related to creating muscle cramps. Marijuana is said to relax the body to the ultimate. When the muscles relax, the production of lactic acid gets stopped.


Taking marijuana is a very personal decision of the boxers. Not all sports organizations understand the demands of taking marijuana. The culture has come to sports also, and sports organizations are seeing the benefits of taking marijuana. Only the future will tell if boxing will also take marijuana seriously and implement it in the groups.