Predictions for Floyd Mayweather’s next fight prove boxing is doomed

Floyd Mayweather June 6

Predictions for Floyd Mayweather’s return to the ring this summer are a stark reminder of where boxing is heading longer-term.

A seismic shift has happened over the last two to three years since Mayweather proved he had the power to make masses of money from crossover events.

Mayweather confirmed the inevitable on Tuesday as the former pound-for-pound king returns to action on June 6th against a YouTuber who has never been a boxer.

The announcement itself was no surprise as “Money” stated many times that he would seek out the most lucrative offers against any opponent.

But it was the responses to the Mayweather Promotions social media post that really will shake the sport’s purists down to their boots.

There are actual people on this planet who call themselves boxing fans who believe a vlogger can beat the best fighter of his generation. That’s mind-blowing!

Serious comments like, “(YouTuber) First round KO,” and “Look at the size difference, (YouTuber) wins” don’t help the situation whatsoever.

Floyd Mayweather

It’s a stark reminder of the path of boxing. It is heading down, and how muddy the waters have become. It begs the question, “where will boxing end up in a few years?”

Saturated with freak shows and non-boxers is the biggest worry. It’s hard to see how it will be any other way.

Kids these days are no longer going to the gym to train for their future as a boxer. They’d much rather sit at home and watch somebody talk about watching boxing instead. It’s shocking.

The sport could be in severe jeopardy if no future stars come through the ranks in the years to come. Similar events to Floyd’s return may be the norm for the foreseeable future.


Luckily, the vast majority of those commenting had no interest in the slightest, meaning for the first time in his career, Floyd Mayweather is relying on non-boxing fans to sell an event.

Those who purchase away from the “influencer” realm will only buy to see Floyd’s opponent lose. It’s a win-win for Mayweather, and that’s about it in reality.

But something needs to be done to save pugilism in its purest form. This kind of event doesn’t help anyone.

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