Swoggle-Box: “Strongest Dwarf” beats WWE star for “Baddest Midget belt”

Hornswoggle Swoggle Boxing Jeremy Smith

Dylan Postl, otherwise known as “Hornswoggle” in WWE or “Swoggle” in his current role at Impact Wrestling, made his boxing debut over the weekend.

The 34-year-old competed on Barstool Sports’ Rough N Rowdy 14 Pay Per View in West Virginia in a battle for the ‘Baddest MF Midget title.’

Postl faced off against Jeremy Smith, labeled the “World’s Strongest Dwarf.” In an uphill battle, Swoggle admitted his opponent was just too good.

“Jeremy Smith is an absolute machine! I thought I was ready, but I was in way over my head,” he stated in the aftermath as both posed for a picture.

“I’m proud of the changes I’ve made to myself and proud that I even tried such a crazy idea.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me in this! I love you all!”

Swoggle Box
Barstool Sports

He added: Thanks @stoolpresidente and EVERYONE at @barstoolsports and @roughnrowdy for an awesome night!

“I showed up, and I tried my absolute best. I didn’t pull a “Canseco” I’m a heck of a lot less frustrated this morning.

“On to the next crazy idea!”


Best known for his exploits in WWE from 2006 for a decade on and off, Postl has a loyal following.

Sadly, his debut victory in the other squared circle wasn’t to be as Smith proved too strong as his moniker suggests.

It won’t be the last time we see Postl inside the ropes, though. It just depends on which ring he graces next.

Hornswoggle Swoggle Dave Portnoy
Barstool Sports

Before the event, Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy called the show “The Best Rough N Rowdy card by a mile” as he ramps up his love for glorified car park fights.

Portnoy must be doing something right. At present, he’s renting former boxing pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather’s old house for a mammoth $200,00 per month.