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Home » Promoter Dmitriy Salita teams with Everlast and WBC to send boxing gloves to Israeli gyms

Promoter Dmitriy Salita teams with Everlast and WBC to send boxing gloves to Israeli gyms

True to his word when first appointed as WBC Ambassador to Israel by their Board of Governors, former fighter turned promoter Dmitriy Salita is currently working in collaboration with the WBC and well-known sporting goods manufacturer Everlast to donate much-needed training gear to 10 Israeli boxing gyms.

When given the prestigious title last January, Salita promised to work with the WBC and Middle East Boxing Council President, Amir Khan, to develop the sport in the area, with the goal of making it an important hub for professional boxing.

As his first initiative, Salita, with the help of a generous donation of gloves from the WBC and Everlast, is overseeing its distribution to 10 of the country’s growing number of boxing gyms. There are presently over 40 active boxing gyms in Israel with over 1000 registered amateur boxers, both male and female, as well as 14 professional boxers registered as Israeli. Salita says his goal is to continue to grow the sport’s popularity in the region.

“I am excited about taking steps with the WBC to establish a world-class boxing program with amateur and professional boxing in Israel,” said Salita. “I’m also grateful that Everlast made this very worthy contribution that will go a long way in encouraging the local boxers from the different communities.”

The Israel initiative adds to both Everlast and the WBC’s well-documented history of passionate advocacy for raising the sport’s profile, worldwide.

The world’s leading manufacturer of boxing, MMA and fitness equipment, Everlast proudly champions their #longliveboxing campaign, while the WBC and especially its youth-oriented WBC Cares program have a long history of humanitarian deeds designed to uplift the sweet science around the globe.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman says he commends his partners on this initiative.

“We are an organization that stands for unity, diversity and peace,” said Sulaiman. “We applaud Dmitriy Salita and Everlast for their compassionate donation of gloves. We want our athletes safe. Our hope is that the values boxing promotes can lead to a better world.”

Boxing gyms in Israel are frequently habited by aspiring fighters from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds, who despite the societal tensions and intense segregation between the different groups, live and train in friendship and harmony because of boxing’s camaraderie – a fact that does not go unnoticed by prominent members of the Israeli government.