Floyd Mayweather under pressure to land first-round KO in next bout

Floyd Mayweather

Esther Lin

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather won’t be fighting in June even if an event opposite a vlogger does go ahead, as reported this week.

A date in June is on the cards as Mayweather gets back in action this summer after confirming the news he’s scouting for a venue.

Mayweather is eyeing Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta as potential venues, with Showtime PPV taking over broadcasting duties.

This scenario means his YouTuber opponent is likely to get the all-star boxing treatment for a Mayweather headlining event plenty say he has no business participating.

We know that professional fighters dream of featuring on Showtime Pay Per Views. But this guy gets his chance despite not being able to box to any decent standard.

Solely due to his social media following, the pretender will take center stage and earn a massive paycheck. It’s quite a shocking scenario.

The only saving grace for true boxing fans is that Mayweather will now be in a bonafide event on SHO. He’ll have to take this build-up very seriously and won’t be able to hang around in the ring as he did with Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather

Everyone will be expecting a first-round knockout. Anything less than that will be a failure.

Whatever happens, the press conferences will be the only entertainment on offer. Once the first bell goes, it certainly won’t be a fight.


Carrying Conor McGregor for ten rounds is off the table for this one. Mayweather has to be clinical, even at 44 years of age.

Becoming a grandfather and taking it easy away from the sport needs to be wiped from his memory. Floyd has to take out the teenybopper as fast as possible.

For every second that ticks by, Mayweather will lose his ability to sell future PPV shows. Even his legacy could be in question.

It’s that serious, even if the actual combat won’t be anywhere near worth the multi-million dollar checks they cash.

One punch, one minute, or one round, the pressure is seriously on Floyd Mayweather for this one.

Not because he’s under threat, but because Mayweather was to do the world a favor. Floyd has to end this clown’s ability to hoodwink the fans into lining his pockets.

Between him and his brother, it has been going on far too long now.

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