One Deontay Wilder punch changed Tyson Fury’s career forever

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury down

Esther Lin

Deontay Wilder thought he’d taken out Tyson Fury with a vicious two-punch combination. The second would have put many a heavyweight out of action.

Not so with Fury, though.


Wilder’s mammoth blow in December 2018 sent a shockwave down the spine of the “Gypsy King” that would alter his path forever.

Getting up like a man possessed when all seemed lost, the resulting draw felt like a victory. The Briton had returned from almost 1500 days out of the ring.

Mental demons and addiction had threatened to rid the boxing world of one of its most extraordinary talents until Fury met his nemesis in Deontay Wilder.

The saga not only gave Fury a platform in the United States and a pocket full of cash but altered his way of thinking for the rematch.

Fifteen months later, Wilder was bashed from pillar to post by Fury in seven rounds.

Tyson Fury SugarHill Steward
Mikey Williams

The man behind the triumph has since praised Fury’s mindset after once again coming back from adversity.

“He understands more what his weaknesses are now. So he’s able to steer clear of those moments and knows how to correct them,” Steward told the blog.

“I didn’t see any down moments or any moments where I had to hold his hand. We feed off each other.

“If I am feeling a bit – maybe not down but not up – then that’s what he’s there for and vise versa. And the same the other way around.

“We work together all day, so it does not allow either one of us to go into a slump or feeling down because there’s one of us that’ll bring the other back up.

“That is who were are as people, naturally. We’re happy, fun people. And to be around someone else like that, when do you have time to think about not enjoying life and having fun?”


On working together in the gym, Sugarhill added: “Tyson enjoys training, and I enjoy teaching him. I am a lot like Tyson. I’m crazy.

“Outside of boxing and specific situations. I can adapt to my environment, but when I’m at work, we’re working.

“Tyson loves a good challenge, and so do I. He’s always up for a challenge and to prove somebody wrong,” he added.

Fury is back in training at Jorge Capetillo’s gym in Las Vegas ahead of a date with destiny against UK rival Anthony Joshua.