Heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy says Don King will not cancel fight

Christopher Lovejoy Heavyweight


Heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy has refused to accept a legal warning from promoter Don King over the scheduling of his latest fight. 

Firstly, King sent a challenge to Lovejoy after the undefeated American attempted to arrange a clash with Mahmoud Charr on May 15 in Germany.

Secondly, The Hall of Famer claims Lovejoy is under contract and wants to stop the contest next month.

Lovejoy received a letter stating he must no go through with the event.

It read: “Hall of Fame boxing promoter Don King has sent a Cease & Desist letter to undefeated heavyweight boxer Christopher Lovejoy.

“King claims he is under an exclusive promotional agreement with Don King Promotions. Lovejoy is not permitted to enter any future fights without King’s consent.

“Recent media reports have stated that Lovejoy is currently in Germany and has agreed to face the WBA champion in recess Mahmoud Charr on May 15 in Hamburg, Germany.

“Trevor Bryan recently won the WBA heavyweight title after Charr disregarded the WBA. He was not allowed in the United States due to the Homeland Security visa denial of the Syrian.

“The letter demands that Lovejoy (19-0, 19 KOs), who had previously announced his retirement from boxing, not participate in the bout with Charr. Or any other future bout or opponent.

“It is unconscionable. Also illegal and unethical for you to participate in this May 15, 2021 bout or any bout without DKP’s expressed, written permission and consent,” the letter from King’s lawyer states.

“Participating in any bout without DKP’s expressed written consent is willfully breaching the Promotional Agreement. It exposes those you have agreed with for your services as a professional fighter to extreme legal liability. “They, too, are aware that you are under contract to DKP.”

“The letter goes on to state, “If you have signed to fight Charr as you proclaim. In these media reports, you have intentionally, willfully, and maliciously breached your exclusive, worldwide promotional agreement with DKP.”

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Don King


Furthermore, Lovejoy lost out on facing Dave Allen in October 2020. Then, he subsequently refused to fight Bermane Stiverne when King had confirmed the fight.

It’s a colossal mess as things stand. However, ‘One Shot’ is adamant King can do nothing to halt his plans.

“Ain’t nothin’ canceled,” pointed out Lovejoy. “They sent that letter last week. They got laughed at,” he added.