Floyd Mayweather confirms he will rejoin the freak show era of boxing

Floyd Mayweather 50

Former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather has ratified that plans are afoot to reignite his return to boxing in the coming weeks.

Mayweather will reopen discussions with a talentless YouTuber to make as much money as possible from what will undoubtedly be a substandard match-up.

The sad fact for the true fans of the sport is that this is where boxing has gone. Money and social media followers now take precedent over actual boxing bouts.

‘Money’ is eyeing a record-breaking night after previously smashing the Pay Per View benchmark against Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

That clash could be the only saving grace moving forward. It will be a formidable tally to break, even though Mayweather went close against an MMA fighter in 2017.

Pacquiao sold almost 4.7 million PPVs alongside Mayweather, giving the boxing purists something to hold onto during this new and excruciating fad.

These days, anyone with enough social media followers can grasp an unwarranted boxing license. Then they can participate in a dangerous sport by cherry-picking their opponents.

Not one to miss out on a slice of the pie, Mayweather is jumping on board in a massive cash grab against an opponent who has skills as a pro fighter.

He said: “These are the five cities at the top of the list for the Mayweather fight.”

“Las Vegas. Los Angeles. Miami. Dallas. Atlanta.”

Floyd Mayweather 2021

It firmly seems like it’s happening again.

But the only way to sell the fight is through their respected social media channels, backed up by Mayweather giving away 50 pounds in weight.

There’s also the reality that Mayweather is old enough to be the other participant’s father. Those “tale of the tape” features will give organizers something to discuss in the build-up.


The truth is, Floyd Mayweather can do whatever he wants with the guy who stands in front of him. It’s a mismatch of the highest order and takes money from those oblivious enough to order it by a mere misconception.

Greed has been a big part of boxing for a long time. But selling bouts of this ilk as a boxing match when it’s one hundred percent not competitive is where our sport is sadly treading.

This scenario is the future until the fans realize what is going on here. The last few of these events have proven that there’s absolutely no boxing involved in the main events.

The undercards haven’t lit the blue touch paper either. Something needs to change, and soon.

But while PPVs like this continue to sell over one million to the clueless YouTube generation who wouldn’t know a great boxer if he slapped them in their face, we will have to accept the fact that these things will happen.


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