What Gambling Games Do Boxing Lovers Play?

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Whether you like the explosive fighting style of prime Mike Tyson or the defensive genius of Floyd Mayweather Jr, there’s no doubt boxing is an entertaining sport. It involves more than throwing punches at your opponents.

It’s both tactical and physical. To a great extent, boxing is also a mind game. You’ve got to know when to feint a move, when to step back and throw an uppercut. That said, there are many ways to enjoy boxing besides watching live sports or playing games on your Xbox or Playstation.

One great example is playing casino games. We’ve picked a list of seven top games that are incredibly popular with boxing lovers. Check them out.

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot

All true boxing fans have played this slot at least once. It’s based on the legendary boxer. It’s beautifully designed, mobile-responsive and has a decent payout rate of 94.7%. That means it’s not just a fun game to play. It also gives you a fair chance of winning. 

Developer Inspired Gaming created this slot to feature five reels and 20 paylines. It’s an affordable slot, with bet sizes ranging from 20 cents to $200. The Mike Tyson logo is the best-paying symbol in the game, awarding you 500x your stake when it appears on five reels. 

The game has a lot more features that can help you win. The Fortune Bet, for example, can double your profits. It also triggers a bonus round that comes with free spins and multipliers. Additionally, you can trigger stacked symbols that works towards improving your profits.

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is one of Sylvester Stallone’s best sports movies. Owing to that, the folks over at Playtech honored Stallone with a slot themed after his movie. The game has five reels and 25 paylines. 

Importantly, it unites the cast of Rocky Balboa, from Rocky and his wife in the movie to Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang. To top it up, the words ROCKY also act as important symbols in the slot.

While Rocky Balboa features numerous features, look out for special symbols the most. The Balboa symbol is a wild that transforms all other images. On the other hand, the Italian Stallion logo acts as the scatter and awards you free spins and real money wins worth up to 100x your stake. 


Slot machines are great, but you must be lucky to win. You can’t use strategies to beat the odds. With Blackjack, it takes more than luck to win. If it were purely based on luck, Don Johnson wouldn’t have won $6 million in one night at Atlantic City Casinos in 2011.

How does Blackjack work? You play the game with a casino employee called a dealer. The objective is to form a hand close to or equal to 21. If you exceed 21, you bust—a loss. If you tie for 21 with the dealer, it’s called a push or a tie.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games among celebrities, including high-profile athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. You can play the game in Las Vegas or at an online casino.

The best online blackjack sites welcome you with bonuses. That way, you get a taste of the card game without necessarily spending your cash deposit. Some casinos give you bonuses regularly. But always read bonus policies to ensure you can fulfill them.

Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’em is the most famous poker game by a mile. It was founded in Texas in the 1950s and found its way to Las Vegas in the early 1960s. Over the years, Texas Hold’em has grown tremendously.

Not only is it a popular inspiration for Hollywood films, it’s also popular with celebrities and boxing fans. Unlike many casino games, Texas Hold’em isn’t dependent on luck, at least not as much as slots.

Luck applies in the cards you get dealt at the start of a game. After that, whether you win or lose depends on your moves. The game has four rounds. You receive two cards at the start of a session. Then you get three more cards. After that, you receive the fourth card and then the final card.

You can call blinds to continue playing or fold to stay out in one of the four sessions. You can also call a bluff—raising the betting size significantly high to scare your opponents. But note, players with better hands could easily call your bluffs, leading to a loss for you. 


Roulette is a purely luck-based game. Surprisingly, lots of people have claimed to win at the game using strategies. Mathematicians and physicists who’ve beaten the house at roulette did it using science.

But there are also regular people who’ve won at roulette by finding faulty wheels or using certain strategies. That said, luck is the dominant factor in determining whether you win or lose playing this game.

For the uninitiated, roulette is a game of spinning a wheel and hoping it stops where you want it to. Roulette wheels are labeled with numbers 1 to 36 and an extra zero pocket for European roulette and another pocket with (00) for American roulette.

Roulette has many bet types. You can predict an exact number—straight bets. Or you can predict whether the small ball thrown inside the wheel stops at a black or red pocket. In total, you can wager on more than ten outcomes, all that pay at different rates.


Baccarat is yet another card game that’s immensely popular with celebrities, athletes and James Bond. To the untrained eye, Baccarat is similar to Blackjack. But when you look closer, it’s an entirely unique game.

In Blackjack, the goal is to get a hand of 21. In Baccarat, the goal is to get a hand of nine. But if you bust, you don’t lose. Instead, you’re assigned a new hand value. Let’s say you produce a hand of 13. Your new hand becomes a three.

With that in mind, there are two hands in Baccarat: Player and Banker. The banker isn’t the same as the dealer. It’s just one or two cards you can wager on in Baccarat.