Ben Askren ends combat career in a barrage of memes

Former MMA star Ben Askren is coming to terms with the fact memes will now sadly define his combat career until the end of time.

Askren woke up on Monday morning and, by his own admission, didn’t think twice about what transpired on Saturday night.

But the fact is, he’s the talk of the town. A single punch loss and the fact he came into the fight in such bad shape will sadly be his lasting legacy.

That’s the power of social media.

Memes have landed in their thousands since Askren went down and was waved off on Triller’s car crash of an event.

Askren stayed away from his platforms for most of the weekend apart from offering a solitary “Sorry World” and sad face emoji.

A few retweets of others later, and it seems Ben is back in the game. But over 4,000 tweets about him on Tuesday alone would say there’s still a way to go to forget about what went down.

Pictures of Askren on the floor and many of him smiling after being knocked out in the aftermath, having been accompanied by damaging words.

Attempting to brush them off, Askren emerged to appear on the “Steven Crowder Podcast.”

Ben Askren

He said: “People were upset that was smiling afterward with my wife,” Askren explained. “I told all of you people before I took this fight, I don’t give a sh– about the result.

“When I’m in there, I’m going to try to fight hard. But at the end of the day on Monday, I’m going to go back to podcasting and coaching wrestling and my wife said something funny to me, and I laughed, and people are upset about it?

“They really need to get a life. I think they’re trying to exploit their own emotions on me.”

Comments from boxing personalities came thick and fast once Askren hit the canvas. Ex-Mike Tyson coach Teddy Atlas even weighed in.

Atlas pointed out: “It’s Ben’s responsibility to execute. But you would hope that person coaching him in boxing would have driven home that the one thing not to do is open yourself to a counter.

“It’s what had been shown (in YouTubers) last fight.


“We knew Ben Askren was not a striker. But unfortunately, Ben didn’t have basics like don’t push jab and make sure to cover after punch. Counter with a right over slow left.”

Former world champion Ishe Smith added: “The criticism of Askren isn’t his stand-up game, that’s only some. But the fact he didn’t train and disrespected the sport is more of what p—-d people off.

“I could tell from the weigh-in that his training was bulls–.”

Ben “The Meme” Askren may now need to come back out of retirement to erase the memory of his last one.

But he did pocket half a million dollars to soften the blow.