“He needs help!” – Oscar De La Hoya causes worry during analyst spot

Oscar De La Hoya Triller split


Oscar De La Hoya was trending on Saturday night during an appearance as an analyst for Triller’s latest offering of their “Fight Club” series.

Sadly, it was for all the wrong reasons.

De La Hoya seemed off as he swore and rambled his way through the show, making off-hand comments and seemingly slurring his words at times.

Frank Mir, who competed on the bill against former world champion Steve Cunningham, spoke out publicly after De La Hoya offered some controversial talk during his bout.

The former MMA star told De La Hoya to seek help.

“Regarding the commentary during my fight last night, I could be angry. I could laugh too, but addiction is no joke, I know,” said Mir.

“I sincerely hope that those around Oscar get him the help he needs. He was a great champion and ambassador for boxing. I want to think he can be again.”

What makes things sizably worse is that De La Hoya was given the spot due to an ongoing deal between himself and Triller.

“The Golden Boy” is penciled in to make a comeback with the company in the coming weeks. At this point, that looks highly unlikely to happen.

Promoter Lou DiBella was one of those who chose humor over the seriousness of De La Hoya’s condition.

“Whatever Oscar partied with, I want some BA-BY!”

Also posting on the subject was current world welterweight ruler Terence Crawford who could only manage four emojis about the cringeworthy happening.

Ex-world champion Ishe Smith echoed that De La Hoya had to seek help again.

“Oscar shouldn’t be fighting. He should be in rehab. We see what drugs have done to celebrities in the past.

“It’s all fun and games until someone passes away. Then they want to give flowers when they are gone. Get that man some help!”

Oscar De La Hoya Triller


Whatever the case may be, De La Hoya was not his usual self and will need to take a hard look at his future choices.

Previous spells in rehab and time away from the sport have littered his past. This scenario could once again be the only way to secure his longer-term health.

One thing is for sure, though. The ex-boxer should not be returning to the ring. He’s certainly in no condition to fight.

Hopefully, Triller will look into it with more scrutiny and call off any plans until De La Hoya has sought the help Mir stated he needs.

Putting him inside those ropes again is the last thing he needs right now.

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