Manny Pacquiao warns ex-foe Juan Manuel Marquez over political bid

Manny Pacquiao Juan Manuel Marquez Pacquiao vs Marquez

Chris Farina

Manny Pacquiao fired a warning to old foe Juan Manuel Marquez as the Mexican embarks on a political career to add to his comeback plans.

Marquez holds political ambitions. And with Pacquiao himself being a Senator and linked to a run for Philippines President in 2022, the eight-weight champion is in an excellent position to offer advice.

The “Pacman” wasn’t sugar-coating anything for JMM, though.

“I’m humbled that you have taken notice of my work in the Philippines,” stated Pacquiao.

“Let us be partners in our fight against corruption.”

Adding some caution, Pacquiao said: “Remember always – politics is not a business, it is public service.”


The pair met four times during their heyday. Once in 2004, 2008, 2011, and 2012 respectively. Pacquiao was undefeated, albeit controversially, for the first three.

Finally, Marquez got his revenge with a stunning knockout. Ever since then, the four-weight ruler has vowed never to face Pacquiao again.

WBN put this to Top Rank promoter Bob Arum years after their final battle. Arum did confirm Marquez turned down an offer.

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Chris Farina

There were rumors the check was worth $100 million. Arum told WBN wires were crossed on that point.

“Listen, I discussed it with my people in the company. You know what Marquez is talking about because I know that we offered him either six or seven million dollars (for the fifth fight), which was far more than he ever made for the fourth fight,” Arum exclusively explained to World Boxing News.

“Pacquiao made the offer within a year of Marquez scoring the knockout.

“It was; Obama had just won the election. So that would have been 2012 into 2013 – something like that.

“So we offered him six million. Then I know we went up to eight or nine (million), something like that,” he added.

As Marquez will return to action against Miguel Cotto in an exhibition, the whispers Pacquiao could eventually get his revenge opportunity are rife.

Whether that comes to fruition is another story entirely. If Marquez wouldn’t accept a multi-million dollar deal before, that’s unlikely to change for an exhibition.

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