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What happened to a promised Floyd Mayweather octagon run?

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Floyd Mayweather is still yet to have a single MMA fight despite informing fans on several occasions that he would be stepping inside the octagon.

The former pound-for-pound king teased fans before and after a 2017 fight with Conor McGregor.

Four years ago, when Mayweather was 40, he denied any notion of taking up an offer from Dana White to fight in UFC.

Soon after, Mayweather felt the need to test the cage out for himself.

In a short clip shared on social media, Mayweather paraded barefooted around the eight-sided arena, readying himself for practice.

The video abruptly ended before ‘Money’ supposedly demonstrated any skills he may possess in the Mixed Martial Arts code.

Despite a few meetings with White since then, nothing has transpired whatsoever. Now 44, it’s hard to see how that will ever change.

Mayweather last “officially” fought almost four years back in August. He defeated UFC’s top star, Conor McGregor.

It’s a victory that earned the American a $100,000,000 check before entering the ring in Las Vegas.


Most fans wanted to see a second clash between the pair, but only under MMA rules. At the time, McGregor was stalling on his mandatory duties with the other UFC featherweights as he waited for Mayweather to decide.

That anticipated return never made it over the line. As usual, Mayweather continues to play the media at their own game and keeps everyone dangling at the end of his string.

Quoting a famous line from Mayweather, it’s always been his way or no way.

“Some say there’s a difference between being smart and intelligent,” he said. “Everyone knows that common sense isn’t so common. But when it comes to being wise beyond years, it’s proven I’ve got the Midas touch.

“It’s simple math. Being 50-0 lets you know I READ my opponents just as clear as you can READ this $100,000,000 check.

“I stay getting checks like this. I will always have the last laugh!”


Highlighting the word READ was Mayweather’s way of sticking it to 50 Cent, embroiled in a row with the boxer, which has since cooled a little.

For now, Mayweather is out of the sport until the right YouTuber of MMA fighter opportunity presents itself – but only inside the boxing ring.

If anything happens, it only goes down in his terms, with some believing we may see Mayweather competing in some form for many years to come.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.