Ben Askren asked to do ‘public service’ and drop YouTuber

Ben Askren


Ben Askren tries his hand at boxing tonight and holds the hopes of a Hall of Famer as he embarks on a new journey in his combat career.

The former MMA star takes on a YouTuber parading as a professional boxer this weekend and has the hopes of the boxing world on his shoulders.

Askren needs to win and win big to stop one of the most comical runs in the sport’s history.

A guy “turning professional” and not fighting a single professional boxer is terrible enough, but Askren’s opponent is also one of the most irritating men on the planet.

One man hoping Askren does the world a favor is respected Manny Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach.

“Ben Askren punishing (this bum) would be a ‘public service’ – fight like Joe Frazier, win like Joe Fraizer,” Roach told the blog,

“I do share Dana’s [White] confidence. I’d really like Ben to win this fight, and I’ll be tuning in to watch it.

“Ben will punish him. Ben is a pro and a good finisher. That comes from experience at an elite level.

“Ben knocking (this bum) on his ass will be a nice YouTube highlight. I told Ben that beating (this bum) would be more than a victory. It would be a public service.”

“Ben has enjoyed success at an elite level against opposition that is far superior. Ben knows this, and it should give him enormous confidence going into this fight.

“Ben’s power and conditioning are miles ahead.

“If Ben fights like Joe Frazier, he’s going to win like Joe Frazier. Ben will need to be on the attack at all times. I think it will be an exciting fight.”

Ben Askren


Continuing, Roach recalled some brief sessions working with Askren.

“I received a call from my friend Dana White who asked if I would work with Ben to prepare for his fight. I had hoped it would be an entire camp, but Ben could only spend one week with me at Wild Card.

“Ben came out in mid-March, and we worked together for six days. We made the most of our time together.

“He sparred on his first day at Wild Card followed by 12 rounds on the mitts. Not many fighters can do that on their first day in the gym. He worked his tail off all week.

“He has impressive power in his punches, and his conditioning is off the charts.

“Ben and I worked on controlling the pace of the fight, maintaining the distance. To me, those two factors are crucial for Ben to succeed.

“Ben was a quick study and picked up on everything I showed him.”