Retirement lasts five months for returning UK heavyweight Dave Allen

Dave Allen Heavyweight


Dave Allen is back! – Let’s be honest, that’s a sentence we thoroughly thought we’d hear again about the British heavyweight contender.

“Retiring” at 28 last November, Allen was never going to leave it all behind. Five months on, “The White Rhino” is training for a comeback.

One thing has changed, though. Allen is no longer going to be known as “Papi Pay Per View.”

The Doncaster man said: “I do fully intend on returning to boxing, in 2021, hopefully just after the summer.

“I’m not coming back to win world titles. I’m not coming back aiming to win any titles. I don’t plan on being Papi Pay Per View again.

“But I want to box because I love to box. I want to help the fighters I work with have opportunities which myself fighting will bring them/

“And I want to make everyone laugh and smile as I try to do daily.

“More than anything else, I want to be happy. Boxing and bringing opportunity and happiness to others will do that for me.

“So, the white rhino in four-rounders will be coming to a venue near you soon,” he added.

Dave Allen
Tom Shaw

Dave Allen comeback


Known to struggle with his mental health, Allen has to do what’s right for him. Saying that – just a few months ago, he was sure it was the right thing to walk away.

“The reason for me calling it a day is simple. I don’t want to get punched anymore,” Allen had stated.

“Long gone are the days of the kid from Donny who wants to fight. All I want now is a nice quiet life with a wife and some kids. Healthy and happy getting nice and fat.”

Some fans may be concerned for Allen after being wholly dominated by David Price and needed oxygen after a bad defeat.

Gladly, he’s not planning on reaching for world honors.

But Allen already looks solid in the gym and on his way to securing that return opponent. It now just remains to be seen if he’ll hook up again with Eddie Hearn.

A fight with Christopher Lovejoy was in the pipeline before Allen stepped away. That ship has now sailed as Lovejoy is lined up to battle Mahmoud Charr.

With his sights set on lesser opponents, there are plenty on home soil for him to choose.

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