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Home » Canelo states the obvious on 44-yr-old retired grandpa Floyd Mayweather

Canelo states the obvious on 44-yr-old retired grandpa Floyd Mayweather

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Current pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez stated the obvious when discussing a potential rematch with 44-year-old retired grandpa Floyd Mayweather.

Canelo, who lost versus Mayweather eight years ago on his way to the top, had previously taken his reverse as a learning curve.

Talking about learning from his bouts recently, he said: “Every single one (fight has taught me something).

“Every single one has taught me something, given me the experience, the maturity, and made me the fighter that I am today. I learned from every single fight.

“I want to be remembered as one the greats in boxing, and that’s why I continue to work hard and continue taking on these types of fights, so I can continue writing history.”

But now, Canelo wants to make sure everybody knows that a Mayweather fight would be different now.

“I would definitely beat him today,” Canelo told Univision. “It would be a very different fight.

“I am a more mature fighter. I have more experience, and I learned a lot. That loss left me a lot.

“After losing, I promised to become the best, and I achieved it. At that moment, the loss hurt me a lot because I wanted to win, but only God knows why he does the things he does.”

Floyd Mayweather Shoulder Roll Canelo
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Canelo fails to realize that any fighter could say this about any other retired legend. He’d beat Floyd Mayweather with ease now, especially with their weight differential.

An example would be George Foreman is 72-years-old. Anthony Joshua could say he’d beat him now. That doesn’t mean in his prime he could.


Mayweather was one of the greats. Canelo will be in that same class. However, he lost to Floyd and has to take that loss for what it was.

‘Money’ did Canelo a favor just by giving him the opportunity. Eventually, Canelo has taken a leaf out of Floyd’s book by modeling his career on an event-by-event basis.

Taking home paychecks in the region of $36.5 million helps too.

The Mexican superstar should focus on his upcoming fight with Billy Joe Saunders, which is no walk in the park for him. Leave Floyd Mayweather to the exhibitionists.