Manny Pacquiao faces Terence Crawford Las Vegas dilemma

Manny Pacquiao Terence Crawford

Chris Farina / Mikey Williams

As WBN reported first, multi-weight superstar Manny Pacquiao wanted to bow out of Las Vegas this year with a final fight in the boxing capital of the world.

A fight with Mikey Garcia at the MGM Grand in a farewell to the Nevada state was looking likely at one point this year.

As with the pandemic’s ever-changing climate, those plans may have to alter if the Filipino Senator wants to face Terence Crawford instead.

Reports from Top Rank are rife that Crawford has offered Pacquiao the opportunity to fight in the Middle East on June 5th. This scenario would scupper long-drawn-out negotiations with Garcia.

Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre has now confirmed that the Middle East will be the only option for Crawford due to finances during the current climate.

Therefore, if Pacquiao wants to take up Crawford’s offer, his Las Vegas hopes will be dash until at least the end of the year.

The ‘Pacman’ is potentially eyeing just two more boxing matches before walking away to bid for the Philippines’ Presidency in 2022.

Should the Crawford encounter pan out, it could mean Pacquiao has to choose between Vegas and a Philippines goodbye for his last bout.

McIntyre appeared to state that Crawford would fight away from home, with or without Pacquiao in the opposite corner.

Brian McIntyre
Mikey Williams

“We’re going to fight on June 5th,” McIntyre told Town Bizznizz on YouTube. “We’re looking at the Middle East. We got a couple of opponents on the chopping block.

“I can’t say right now. But Terence Crawford is definitely going to go through in the Middle East.

“That’s where all big money is, right? We’re almost at the end of his career.

“He probably got a couple of years left. So you got to maximize the star-power that he has and get the guys that he wants.

“If it’s Pacquiao, if it’s Spence, if it’s Porter if it’s Ortiz. Whoever it is. If they don’t like it, I can’t do too much about it.

“The fans want certain fights. But sometimes, the stars don’t line up for those fights to happen. Sometimes the stars do line up like Bud’s next fight.


“As we’re looking at it, it might be Pacquiao. Or it might be the next biggest 140-pound fighter that is coming up in the division. Let the man fight. That’s all we want to do.

“Let him prove he’s the best man in the division. Let him take on all challengers and knock him down as he comes in.

More details will come in the coming days. Manny Pacquiao has a big decision to make.