Three Boxing-themed online slots popular in Canada

Lennox Lewis 1988 Canada Olympics Heavyweight

Boxing Canada

With the growth of the Canadian online casino industry in seeing a continuous rise every year, we were meant to see several changes revolving around the games being developed for the gamblers. 

There are no limits to the game to be played as there are millions of casino games available to play on the internet, there are also several technologies being implemented into these games, and as time goes on, we will be witnessing more technological advancements being implemented into these games.

Considering the huge growth of the online casino industry, there are bound to be games, like Powerplay Canada related to or based on our favourite sports.

So, if you’re a lover of sports and also find joy in gambling, you can always combine those two pleasures as there are hundreds of boxing-themed slot games available on the internet.

Slot games are one of the popular and easiest casino games known across the world, there is no need for strategy, no need for some extra thinking.

All the players need to do is press a few buttons and become lucky enough for symbols to align themselves in a winning combination.

Both boxing and slot games bring excitement for the fans and game lovers alike. Playing slot games can result in happiness as it fun to play, it also brings excitement to the gamblers when they secure a winning combination.

While there are hundreds of boxing-themed slot games available on the internet to play, in this article, we will be listing few boxing-themed slots games popular among fans in Canada and across the world and things you should look out for before picking a slot game to play.

Heavyweight Champion Slot

Developed and designed by iSoftBet, which is renowned as one of the leaders in the software development department, the Heavyweight Champion slot is 5 reels, 15 pay-lines video slot that helps the boxing lovers take their passion to the next level as it comes with boxing-related symbols and a jackpot payout.

As it should be in every top-notch slot game, the Heavyweight Champion slot comes with several bonus rounds which could potentially increase the player winnings and wild symbols. 

This game does not require any software for it to be played on the computer, which is one of the reasons it became popular among gamers in Canada.

Fight Night Slot

Fight Night Slot by World Match is one of the most popular slot games known both in Canada and across the globe. It is a game that challenges the players in a world of online boxing games, a chance to knock out their opponents to win interesting cash prizes.

A fun fact of the Fight Night slot is that it’s developed by a team of Interac Casinos. In this INTERAC casino guide you will find all background information about the development process of this new casino slot.

Designed and developed by World Match, Fight Night Slot is 5 reels, 25 pay-lines slot game that features several boxing-related symbols.

It also comes with interactive bonus rounds that could potentially increase the player’s winnings and wild symbols. It features top-notch graphics and impressive sound effects.

Boxing Slot

Boxing Slot, like every other slot game on this list, comes with lots of exciting features as it is based on the popular boxing sport known across the world. This is a game meant to challenge your inner fighter.

Designed and developed by Game play Interactive, Boxing Slot is 5 reels, 15 pay-lines video slot that features 3D graphics and impressive sound effects. It also features bonus rounds that could increase the players winning once activated.

There are several boxing-themed slot games available on the internet, but you should check out the slot games listed above as a starter. These are the slot games being played in Canada.