Eddie Hearn tells John Fury to be more positive regarding Fury vs. AJ

Eddie Hearn John Fury

Mark Robinson / @gypsyking101

Promoter Eddie Hearn has hit back at the negativity surrounding a fight with Anthony Joshua from Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury.

The Matchroom boss wasn’t happy that John put out comments on BT Sport that outlined the fight could be a non-starter.

Fury has stated: “Tyson needs to fight twice this year, with or without AJ. Tyson is not bothered by any heavyweight on the planet.

“He is past that, being bothered by this man and that man. It is a business to Tyson.

“We need to move on and get a living properly. Tyson has to sharpen his tools. We need to keep him sharp in case that big night comes knocking. But I don’t think they want it.

“To be honest, I don’t blame them,” he added.


In stark contrast, Hearn sees negotiations being on track and hopes Fury and his dad big up the fight in the public eye.

“We’re in a good place. I saw John Fury’s comments. It’s almost like they don’t want the fight. I’d like them to talk it up rather than talk it down,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“We’re quite aware that there has been a global pandemic. We’re quite aware that it’s not easy, but we’re out there grafting away every day to get this done.

“A little bit of support would be nice, John and Tyson. Thank you very much.

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“I know that there are some negative people out there and people that believe we can’t pull it off, but we spend a lifetime pulling things off, and I believe we will get this done, and I believe you will see this fight in the summer.

“The next step is to basically get everybody to agree to the venue and the date, and they’re going to have multiple options to choose from.

“There’s no other fight for Tyson Fury. There’s no other fight for Anthony Joshua. This is the fight. Everyone accepts that.”


All offers from Hearn surrounding the blockbuster UK Pay Per View have to be in writing this weekend for the competitors to view.

Once the deal gets clarified on both sides, the heavyweight champions can begin the promotion groundwork. They began training some time ago.

July is the date for a Middle Eastern undisputed battle.