Tyson Fury fires warning as clock ticks to just hours left for undisputed fight

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury has warned those hoping to make an undisputed fight with Anthony Joshua that just hours remain to make a heavyweight deal.

‘The Gypsy King’ took to social media to state on Wednesday that there are only ‘three days left’ and that ‘the clock is ticking’ on completion.

Last month, both sides gave 28 days to get the encounter over the line. There has seemingly been little movement.

Eyeing a massive site fee due to the lack of fans being present, Fury vs. Joshua is on the verge of collapse unless a significant change happens.

There are less than 72 hours left.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, who represents Joshua, assured fans that he’d send offers to both this week. But that’s cutting it far too fine for most UK fans.

Many believe there has been ample time to agree as the two heavyweight champions have been in contact since December.

It’s now a very precarious position and looking more like the fight could be delayed until later this year or 2022.

Negotiations would need a massive turnaround between now and the deadline.


Hearn is sure some good news is coming for the British boxing fraternity.

“At the end of this week, both fighters and the teams will be presented with all the offers and options on the table. There will be multiple ones,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“There will be around three or four offers presented to both camps this weekend, and then it’s over to them. The teams to discuss which one we want to take, the dates of those fights.

“Two fights this year. It is a summer fight. That’s everything we’re working towards and as confident as ever that this gets done.”

Skeptics already doubt the timescale as Fury wants everything dotted by Saturday. That won’t be able to happen if the offers need to be considered and discussed.

An extension to the original deadline may have to be agreed upon. With sometime next week, the most likely conclusion to these long-drawn-out talks.

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