Boxing betting tips: Check out our latest picks

Boxing 2021

Let’s focus on the best boxing betting tips for upcoming fights. Inform your wagers with the help of our predictions.

Best new tips available for betting on boxing fights

This is a collection of the top boxing betting tips available on upcoming boxing fights.

Conor Benn vs. Samuel Vargas

This 10-round welterweight fight will feature Conor Benn looking to build on his unbeaten record, which now stands at 17 fights. The destroyer will be taking on Vargas, trying to recover from the TKO (technical knockout) against Vergil Ortiz Jr. Benn is a strong favorite to win by a TKO.

Our pick: Conor Benn to win by TKO @ -138
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Paul Gallen vs. Lucas Browne

This 6-round heavyweight bout features Gallen, who is undefeated in his professional career. Gallen comes on the back of the fight against Mark Hunt, which ended through a unanimous decision. Browne takes his first fight since beating Hopoate through technical knockout. Both are great fighters, but Browne is a likely candidate to win.

Our pick: Lucas Browne to win @ -200
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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Ben Askren is the former UFC icon who has a strong 19-2 record in his professional career. Paul is a newcomer, but he has a 2-0 record in boxing fights. Askren is used to taking powerful punches, and Paul may find it difficult to suppress his opponent for long. Askren, though, can win this fight by the sheer volume of punches that he is likely to throw.

Our pick: Ben Askren to win @ -110
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Boxing outright options available to punters

Just like in the world of football or tennis, bookmakers provide plenty of markets for those who want to bet on the outrights of boxing fights. Irrespective of the event’s size, it would be rare to come across plenty of markets on one fight. Some of the popular outright options would be:

Outright winner

This is the simplest form of outright boxing, as the predictions will be focused merely on the fight winner. The bettor is not going after the method of victory or the number of rounds. They are merely backing one fighter with the other. This market’s simplicity also makes it quite tough to get it right without assistance from boxing betting tips. Depending on the time frame, this market might end up being very rewarding for the bettor.

Winning method

Among the few types of wins that can be achieved in boxing, bettors need to pick the most likely outcome. A boxer can win through many means like TKO, DQ, Decision, or a knockout. The use of top boxing betting tips will help make a decision.

Total rounds

In a 12-round fight, the bettor has to choose the total rounds, expressed in decimals. This bet will usually ask the bettor to forecast over the set rounds 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and so on. The bettor has to go with -/+ depending on whether they see the total rounds as under/over the set rounds.

Boxing 2021

Different betting options in the world of boxing

The world of boxing does not get the outright picks alone. The bettor has many other special openings like:

Knockdown Specials

This is popular in the world of boxing, with bettors having to decide whether the particular fight ends in a knockdown or not. The payout will be different on either side of the bet. It is quite common to come across a situation where one of the fighters is not provided the knockout option completely.

Proposition bets

The bettor might come across more proposition bets, which will allow them to back a fight going the distance or not, the presence of a knockdown, and more. The variety of proposition bets will change from one sportsbook to the other. This is one of the different markets where bettors have to shop around.

In-round bets

This is the wager placed on the boxing fight once it has begun. Due to the limitations and lack of live betting opportunities, this market is usually not found in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. It is usually found in online sportsbooks, where information regarding the fight is also provided.

Best bookmakers to opt for betting on boxing

Even though there are many bookmakers available to provide markets on boxing fights, some of the best would be:

William Hill

William Hill manages to provide bettors with the right kind of features, design, and market choices to make their betting experience so much better. The brand has been around for a long time to know what today’s bettors need the most when trying to place bets on upcoming boxing events.


The specialty of Unibet might be football, but boxing is also given enormous attention with several valuable markets. The brand is also one that enjoys a lot of history and reputation.

Bet 365


A strong reason to choose Bet365, which is extremely good in terms of coverage and betting features, would be the availability of a live streaming feature. This makes it a lot easier and enhanced when trying to place in-round bets. Wagering requirements and a positive account balance may be required.

FAQ for those betting on boxing

Is it possible to bet on boxing matches online?

The popularity of boxing has led to a proliferation of online bookmakers who provide markets on this sport and the numerous events around the year. Therefore, it is possible to bet online on boxing fights.

What is the technique to find the best price for an event?

The use of odds comparison tools will make it easier to find the best odds on a particular event. This is due to the availability of many bookmakers in the market.

What is the need for boxing betting tips?

The boxing betting tips will be able to provide valuable in-depth information which might otherwise evade the bettor. The more knowledge possessed by the bettor on a particular event can help choose better.

What is the minimum bet size?

The minimum bet size on a boxing fight is completely dependent on the bookmaker. The minimum bet size figure varies from one online bookmaker to the other.