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Home » Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Bjornsson: Heavyweight predictions

Eddie Hall vs. Hafthor Bjornsson: Heavyweight predictions

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When an upcoming heavyweight boxing match contains competitors known collectively as “Thor” and “The Beast,” fans are bound to pay attention.

This is why the upcoming bout between Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson should go down as one of the most memorable sporting events in history.

Not only do these two honestly dislike one another ever since the fallout from the World’s Strongest Man, but each is a powerhouse in his own right.

Experts are therefore having real trouble making predictions in regards to who might emerge victoriously. Let’s still go out on a limb and make a handful of potentially critical observations.

Heavyweight size, Conditioning, and Stamina

We first need to remember that these are two of the strongest athletes in the world. While they might not necessarily possess a professional boxer’s skills, their sheer power alone is quite dangerous. It is, therefore, no surprise that both Bjornsson and Hall have had difficulty encountering sparring partners. So, what conclusions can we begin to draw?

In terms of sheer strength, both are formidable. Hall may have a slight edge, and yet, this is not likely to make any real difference in the ring. Bjornsson has size on his side, and his reach may very well be able to keep Hall at bay until a lucky knockout blow. However, it seems that Hall has the upper hand in terms of stamina. He has recently shown a number of his training sessions, and it appears as if he is looking to go the distance as opposed to end the fight quickly.

Still, every sport is unpredictable in its very nature. Those who play online pokies are well aware that extraneous circumstances and even a bit of luck will often factor into any outcome. This reason is why fans are still hesitant to make any solid predictions.

What About Mentality?

The World’s Strongest Man gets determined by sheer willpower. If the past has proven anything, Eddie Hall is always at the top of his game.

He may very well take a slight lead over Bjornsson in this manner. Thor is still relatively young within the strongman community.

When push comes to shove, Hall could rise to the occasion. It is also worthwhile to mention that Eddie Hall grew up fighting.

He has made this very clear in the past, and if he can return to such a mentality, there is little doubt that he will dominate the opening rounds. However, nothing will be sure until the day of the event.

Thankfully, fans will not have to wait much longer. This upcoming match is scheduled for sometime in September 2021.

It is not entirely sure where the competition will take place or if social distancing rules will still apply.

Between now and then, we can expect a flurry of conjecture revolving around how each of these heavyweight gladiators is preparing to do battle.

Regardless of who emerges victorious, fans will undoubtedly experience the boxing match of a lifetime.