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There’s no reason Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua shouldn’t be in the UK

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Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua could happen soon if you believe one side of the argument. An announcement may even occur as early as next week.

Firstly, what has the hold-up been? – Gaining a sufficient site fee outside of the UK. Why? – nobody knows.

The United Kingdom has one of the best vaccination rates on the entire planet. Along with Israel, Iceland, and the United States, those four places will get back to ‘normality’ before anywhere else in the world.

So why is Fury vs. Joshua, the biggest fight in British heavyweight boxing history, even being contemplated to take place outside of home soil?

One answer – MONEY.

The biggest hold-up of the entire negotiation saga is the site fee for the undisputed heavyweight battle.

Gaining the most millions from the country willing to put up the cash seems to be the critical factor – even over the fans.

A fight between two fighters from the same country would happen on their territory in any’ normal’ situation.

And given that Eddie Hearn has said on more than one occasion that Britain is the new boxing capital of the world, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been able to find the ‘capital’ to back that up.

Anthony Joshua Tyson Fury undisputed heavyweight


Wembley Stadium will be allowed some capacity by June and even more in July once all coronavirus restrictions cease.

Aside from Texas and Florida, two places going against the CDC guidelines, it would be hard-pressed to find another stage in the world able to hold more fans.

Test events are taking place in the UK this month and next. If successful, the UK would be more open than anywhere. Maybe apart from those two US states that are defying worldwide policy.

So why isn’t the UK seriously considered? – It’s madness!

British fans in a British stadium for an all-British fight. It beggars belief that this is not the case.

If all sides don’t see sense on the matter, then the United States is the only other option right now.

Taking Joshua to Las Vegas for the first time in his career has to be done for the sake of the heavyweight contest.

Undisputed and on the world-famous strip would give the fight an element of conscience and mean the Pay Per View option opens up stateside.

Any other venue than the USA, British fans will be robbed of the biggest UK heavyweight of all time. And for what?

The views expressed in this article are that of the Editor, Phil Jay. WBN celebrated its 10th Anniversary on August 1st, 2020, and is the top-visited independent boxing news website in the world.

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