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Eddie Hearn confident Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua happens

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The first rule about making a Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua fight has always been, ‘you don’t talk about the Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua fight.’

But that hasn’t stopped promoter Eddie Hearn from giving updates on the undisputed ‘progress’ aplenty.

While Hearn has mostly been positive and stating his belief that the fight is close, reports from Fury’s side have been more than the opposite.

The Matchroom boss says they will do a deal. He’s completely confident of that outcome. He’s even gone so far as to state a confirmation could come within days.

On the flip side, Fury, his team, and his father have been less than receptive to that notion.

In a tale of two Fridays, you couldn’t get two different views about how talks are going if you tried.


Last Friday, John Fury told BT Sport: “Tyson needs to fight twice this year, with or without AJ.

“Tyson is not bothered by any heavyweight on the planet. He is past that, being bothered by this man and that man. It is a business to Tyson.

“We need to move on and get a living properly. Tyson has to sharpen his tools. We need to keep him sharp in case that big night comes knocking.

“But I don’t think they want it. To be honest, I don’t blame them,” added the promoter.

Hearn has since pointed out to a select few journalists that the fight is possibly confirmed this week.


When asked flat out this Friday, it looks like the penny has finally dropped in terms of giving out information.

‘The world tour is going well, but I’m not answering any questions on that, and I won’t tell you where I’ve been,’ Hearn told The Daily Mail.

‘But talks have progressed extremely well, and we’re closing in on securing the venue, and there will be an announcement in due course.

Eddie Hearn
Mark Robinson

“We’re at the stage where it’s probably best not to say much more than that.”

Yes, Eddie. That might have been a good idea from the start.


Fingers are crossed in the UK that Eddie and Frank Warren can do a deal. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have both been training full-on in case the fight can happen in June.

July looks more likely, with the venue expected to be somewhere in the Middle East, for some reason unknown to the British contingent.

The UK has one of the best vaccination rates in the world. Therefore, mentioning Covid in the same sentence as an excuse for not staging the bout on home soil is out of the window.

It seems to be all about the site fee and making as much money as possible due to the crowd potentially having to be less capacity.

At present, the Middle East is more precarious than the UK in terms of virus infections. This scenario could bring the USA back in from the cold.

We continue to wait.

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