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Home » Mayweather fighter Badou Jack vaccine video causes unwarranted panic

Mayweather fighter Badou Jack vaccine video causes unwarranted panic

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Floyd Mayweather’s friend and former world champion Badou Jack caused quite a stir on social media when posting a video of his recent jab.

No, not a jab to the face that we usually associate with Jack.

A Covid-19 vaccination dose that represented his first of two.

Firstly, Jack decided it would be a good idea to lead from the front and show his community how easy the process was.

Secondly, as a Muslim, it was a critical point for Jack to make.

He said: “Got my first covid vaccine shot today, alhamdulillah. May Allah protect all of us and make this pandemic go away for good. InshAllah!”

The innocent video soon took on a life of its own as many began commenting on an apparent ‘disappearing needle’ after his shot.

Bleeding from the arm, which is quite normal during any vaccination, was the first red flag for some who watched.

Then, when they saw no needle in the aftermath, warnings came thick and fast from obvious doubters.

They failed to realize that it’s now standard practice for those administering jabs to use retractable needles. It’s a safer method.

Several responses included:

“She left the needle in his arm.”

And: “That’s why you just got a tracking chip put in your arm. No needle when he pulled it out.”

Also: “Watch again when they pulled it out. There was no needle.”

Floyd Mayweather Badou Jack
Amanda Westcott

Jack, who fought under Floyd Mayweather during his whole US career, decided to put everyone out of their misery a short time later when he explained to those who didn’t understand.

“For everyone that thought she left the needle in my arm, this is a retractable needle. After the liquid is gone, the needle goes back into the syringe. (Safety syringe).”

Yet another indication of how innocent videos get misconstrued on social media in an age where getting out of a world-stopping pandemic is essential.

Worldwide programs are underway in the hope that the earth will return to some sort of normality in the coming months.

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