Sports Betting – Boxing Betting Tips & Instructions

Boxing betting is a popular betting sport and especially the biggest mega matches offer a wide variety of betting targets and odds on almost all betting sites.

Bettors are naturally also interested in boxing matches. Boxing betting can be found on the betting lists almost every week, while the biggest events and tournaments are also well represented. On this list, you will find many online casinos that provide boxing and other sports bettings.

Boxing – the most popular events and competitions

Boxing is divided into professional and amateur boxing. Naturally, there are many different events and tournaments to bet on. The biggest event in amateur boxing is the Summer Olympics, where you can see a lot of fights in several different weight classes, both men and women. The same can of course be said of the World and European Championships.

The 2021 World Boxing Championships are scheduled to take place in Belgrade, Serbia from 10-24 April 2021

Many betting sites offer boxing betting odds for confirmed matches well in advance, but many also offer odds for so-called unconfirmed matches, which are not yet certain to be played. Many of the world boxing federations organize their own championship fights and often the championships of different federations are at stake. You will have seen the abbreviations of the various federations such as IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO.

The biggest fight rumored to take place in early 2021 is Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury, this fight would take place in the summer of 2021 and that fight would be an all-federal championship fight. An Anthony Joshua – Deontay Wilder fight has also been considered a very real possibility. The Robert Helenius fight has already been postponed several times, but with this information, the Robert Helenius – Adam Kownacki rematch is scheduled to take place in March at the latest.

Boxing betting game types

Boxing and betting go well together because in this sport, too, you’re looking for the winner and in practice, that’s done in the hardest way possible – by fighting with fists. In boxing, a draw or a draw is extremely rare and if there are any odds on the fight at all, the odds are often very high. In practice, a player bets on the winner of a match using the match odds.


Not all matches have a comprehensive range of different odds, in which case they are mainly basic long bet odds of 1X2. In addition, there may be “draw-no-bet” bets, meaning that if the match were to end in a draw, the bets would be returned. In addition to these, there are many other bets on matches that are a little bigger and of greater interest to the general public.


Boxing bets can be over and under bets on the rounds used in the match, in addition to the winning bet. In these over/under bets, the player must bet how many rounds will be played in the match, which round or round will be won? So you could bet that the match will end after 4.5 rounds or 10.5 rounds.

Of course, you can also choose the round or batch where the match ends, the so-called batch draw. Whether it ends in the first half of the 12 rounds or the second half or perhaps the third quarter. And by which fighter? Boxing betting has an excellent variety of betting opportunities.

How the match is decided and special bets

Boxing betting is also fundamentally about the way in which a match is decided. Whether it’s a referee’s decision, a knockout, or even a rules violation or something else, you’ll find odds on these, at least in the bigger fights. The terms KO, TKO, DQ are also familiar from betting lists!

In practice, you can bet on at least the winner in boxing, but there are also odds on payouts, odds on the duration of the match, and odds on the way to win. In the biggest fights, there can be some very interesting special bets on top of these, such as how many times a particular boxer will go to the canvas, or how many times a fighter will get hit by the judges.

Boxing betting odds

So boxing is an interesting sport to bet on, but quite often the odds are only found on the match bet and the draw-no-bet bet. A match needs to be a bit bigger and more interesting to find more betting odds. Boxing may not be as diverse a sport as football or hockey, but the main thing is that you can bet on the winner and get an extra incentive to bet on the match. See what all the boxing betting destinations have to offer on these sites. For the biggest fights, you can find betting bonuses on these sites or competitions directly linked to a particular fight.

Best tips for boxing betting

Boxing betting odds are always based on probability estimates made by betting companies. However, boxing is an interesting sport in that the starting point for a match can change very quickly during the match if, for example, the underdog hits the weak point of the favorite with one punch. It is therefore a rather unusual betting game when compared to football or any other team sport. Or even slightly more sedate individual sports such as, say, cross-country skiing.

This is precisely why a bettor who knows the sport well can have an advantage over a betting site and knowledge of the sport can be invaluable when placing and analyzing bets.

The different qualities of the fighters play an important role, as do many other factors. Consider, for example, these different points:

  • The profile of the fighter, i.e. what type of fighter he is. Is it a running away from the bottom, counter-attacking, fast-fighting fighter, or is it a hard-nosed bomber? And how does it fit against the boxer in this particular fight? Are there any weak points in the defense, how does the footwork compare to the opponent? Is there a tendency to fall asleep after halfway through the fight? All of these will play a role.
  • Physical fitness. Nowadays, with all the social media channels available, it’s easy to get footage that reveals a boxer’s current condition. Has the beer tasted good or is it just a case of having a loose wrist? Did the sparring partner kick your ass? These are all things to consider.
  • Where will the match be played? Does either fighter have home advantage? Of course, a home crowd can give a boost to the fight itself for each boxer, for some it can bring extra pressure. What about these particular fighters?
  • Are there special skills? Does the fighter know about the bomb sequence that will inevitably come at some point in the fight, does the fighter traditionally tire the other fighter into a corner and only go for clean shots or aim for a knockout in the first three rounds. Big things in every fight.
  • Too big a favorite? Has the target been played for too low a multiplier right from the start, i.e. has it now gone with the masses? Too low odds increase the odds of the underdog and often the best target to play is the underdog.

Boxing free live stream

Some betting companies occasionally offer free boxing live stream broadcasts for some matches. Most free boxing can be watched on YouTube or, for example, on YLE channels from major international amateur events. The prevailing trend is that the biggest professional tournaments are behind the paywall and V Sport and Viaplay, for example, show these fights to their subscribers. All the biggest matches can be PPV (Pay Per View), with a fee of up to $50 for a single match.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

1. Which betting sites offer odds on boxing betting?

Almost every betting site on our website offers at least basic odds on the biggest boxing matches. However, check the situation on your own site.

2. What can I bet on in boxing betting?

Boxing betting often consists solely of the odds on the winner of a match. In addition, some matches can also be bet on a wider range of outcomes, such as how the match will end and in which round. There are also boxing betting sites where special bets are available.

3. What do unconfirmed matches mean on the betting list?

These are the matches that are rumored to be on the fixture list, but no official confirmation is available yet. So in boxing, you can bet on matches that are not known to take place.