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Canelo’s 60,000 plus: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Canelo Alvarez immediately shipped his Cinco de Mayo weekend battle with Billy Joe Saunders to Texas once Governor Greg Abbott decided Covid was no longer a threat.

Abbott went against all-known Covid guidelines worldwide to remove the mask mandate and open up business and events without restrictions.

As a result, 60,000 plus fans will cram into the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on May 8th as Canelo fights the undefeated and dangerous Briton.

It’s a case of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Due to Covid, it is not a fail-safe environment yet.

Covid will spread at this event, which sadly is avoidable.

It isn’t Canelo’s fault that he has the opportunity, but the Mexican could have shied away from having so many fans from a moral standpoint.

The world is not ready for the ‘biggest gathering of spectators since the pandemic began’ with the virus still surging everywhere.

Texas alone sees almost 4,000 new cases per day, a similar number to the UK, which is still on lockdown.

Joe Biden mask


President Joe Biden has issued reliable advice to his citizens to keep going with the CDC’s recommendation, which is unlikely to change in five weeks.

“We’ve made enormous progress when it comes to COVID-19, but new variants are spreading quickly.

“Now is not the time to let up — we have to hold the line while we get the country vaccinated. Wash your hands. Stay socially distanced. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated when you can,” urged the 46th.


At best, the medical consensus would be that Canelo Promotions should consider a reduced capacity. Boasting of record sales in press releases at a time like this is tough to stomach.

Europe is in the midst of a third wave. Therefore, no fans will be allowed to travel from anywhere across the Atlantic.

For this reason alone, Canelo could have at least pushed the fight back a few more months.

But that’s not happening and money alongside freedom of choice seems to be doing all the talking here.

Let’s hopes the vaccination program roll-out is enough to keep the numbers down. There is a flood of potential super spreader events coming in the next few weeks between Texas and Florida.

Every adult will be offered the vaccine by May 1st, but that doesn’t mean they will be anywhere near fully protected by May 8th.

The UFC (261), WWE, and others do what they believe they have to do. They, like Abbott, believe the world is ready.

Promoters are losing money. Therefore, they have to do what’s necessary to balance the books. It’s been a terrible year for business.

But some are taking advantage of unsound advice. And coming from a Governor who is going against the science, it is sad to see.

We should and could do better.

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