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DeMarcus Corley ‘didn’t want to get hurt’ in bare-knuckle loss

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Former Floyd Mayweather opponent DeMarcus Corley has explained the decision to stop his bare-knuckle fight debut in the fourth round.

Corley was making his bow at BKFC 16 against Reggie Barnett. He pulled out of the contest after feeling ‘exhausted’ there.

‘The better fighter beat Chop Chop’ on the night. However, the ex-world boxing champion would consider an offer for another outing at BKFC.


In his post-fight interview, the 46-year-old who once troubled Floyd Mayweather admitted the action’s frantic speed was a problem for him.

“It was a great night tonight, man, and I want to take my hat off to Reggie he came to fight,” Corley told Lorenzo Hunt of Bare Knuckle News. “It was a great experience.

“There was a very fast pace in there. Reggie caught me some good shots. I got a little exhausted, and I took my hat off to Reggie.

“I told my cornerman we could have done another round, but I didn’t want to get hurt. And (my corner) stopped the fight.

“It was a great experience being in there. It’s very fast-paced. It’s rushing. But it’s a gladiator sport.

“I was happy to be a part of it for the first time.”

Asked by Hunt if he liked it and if he’d want another bare-knuckle bout, he replied: “A possibility, yes. I think it is.

“I would consider doing this one more time,” he concluded.


Barnett stated afterward that he wanted Corley to carry on the fight.

“I told him, ‘One more round, all we got is one more round, you can give me one more round. But he said, ‘I know my body,’ and I gotta respect that.”

Now the number one contender to BKFC lightweight champion and former boxer Dat Nguyen, Barnett wants his opportunity next.

“Dat disrespected me as a man. He disrespected me as a fighter. He disrespected the whole organization,” he pointed out.

“I have more wins than you. If you are the so-called champion, you know who’s next, so stop hiding.”

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