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Home » Alessandro Duran breaks down Fabio Turchi vs. Dylan Bregeon

Alessandro Duran breaks down Fabio Turchi vs. Dylan Bregeon

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On April 16, at Allianz Cloud in Milan (Italy), Opi Since 82-Matchroom-DAZN will promote a card with three titles on the line.

In the main event Italian cruiserweight Fabio Turchi (18-1 with 13 KOs) will fight French champion Dylan Bregeon (11-0-1 with 3 KOs) for the vacant European Union belt.

Former European lightweight champion Francesco Patera (23-3 with 8 KOs) will challenge Italian Devis “Boom Boom” Boschiero (48-6-2 with 22 KOs) for the vacant WBC Silver belt. Undefeated super middleweights Ivan Zucco (12-0 with 10 KOs) and Luca Capuano (11-0 with 2 KOs) will fight for the vacant Italian championship on the 10 rounds distance.

Who will win? The right person to make a prediction is Alessandro Duran, former Italian, European and WBU world welterweight champion and now technical commentator for DAZN in Italy. Professional from 1983 to 2002, Alessandro Duran had 63 fights: 51 won (16 by KO) and 12 lost. He also fought for the WBO world title losing on points to Eamonn Loughran in Belfast in 1994.

Alessandro, who will win between Fabio Turchi and Dylan Bregeon?

“I think Fabio Turchi because he is talented, he trains seriously and lately improved a lot using more the right jab, moving better and faster and taking less punches. He wants to become world champion and knows that defeating Bregeon and becoming European Union champion is a step in that direction.”

And between Francesco Patera and Devis Boschiero?

“Anybody can win. Patera is fast and has a great defense. If he dictates the pace to Boschiero, he will emerge victorious. 39 years old Boschiero is still an high level fighter and that tells everything on how much dedicated to his training he is, but he had a very long career and Patera is only 27 years old. I consider slightly favored Patera.”

What about the fight between Ivan Zucco and Luca Capuano?

“That’s another fight difficult to predict. Again, I consider slightly favored Ivan Zucco. I liked him a lot in his last fight. He has the power to knock out everybody with a single punch. Capuano has a wider variety of ways to attack and defend. I want to say something to them and to all the young Italian fighters: win and defend with pride the Italian belt. Once you become Italian champion you will have the right credentials to challenge the European champion.

“I fought 17 times for the Italian title and I was proud to be Italian champion. That belt gave me the chance to become European champion, to fight for the WBO world title and to become WBU world champion. I also want to advise them to talk less and win more. I see too many young fighters talking like they are the next phenomenon then complaining supported by their fans when they lose. There’s nothing to complain: accept the defeat, watch the fight to understand what mistakes you made and work in the gym to not make those mistakes again. Only when you win you can say that you are the best.”