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‘Retired heavyweight GOAT’ Christopher Lovejoy confirms comeback

Recently retired undefeated heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy has named a four-man shortlist for a possible return to the ring in the summer.

The 19-0 puncher, who has 19 KOs on his ‘worst perfect record,’ is a big discussion topic due to his unfathomably awful opponent list.

Stopping every single one of his also-ran foes in Mexico, Lovejoy has caused a stir by labeling himself the ‘GOAT’ since stepping away.

Now, as the American plots a comeback within weeks of ‘retirement,’ Lovejoy revealed four of the boxers who could be on his shortlist.


“If I come back, I will keep my winning streak going. Oh, my bad, my KO streak is going! – Who will it be next?” – questioned Lovejoy.

“Who is my next victim? – David Allen, Alen Babic, Martin Bakole or Joe Joyce?”

Christopher Lovejoy Dave Allen Alen Babic Martin Bakole Joe Joyce


Lovejoy’s list says a lot about where his ambitions lie. He wants a taste of the United Kingdom money on offer from Eddie Hearn or Frank Warren.

Three of those named Allen, Babic, and Bakole fight with Hearn, although the former (Allen) has ‘retired’ himself.

Joyce is the current British and European champion. ‘The Juggernaut’ would be way out of reach because he’s the number one contender for the WBO title.

Facing a race against time to ‘unretire’ officially before he loses his WBA ranking, Lovejoy will undoubtedly have that in the back of his mind. Nobody believes he will never fight again.

It’s more a ploy to get a better deal for himself before he does taste defeat in a class step-up.


Revealing insight into his mindset and frustration on the matter, Lovejoy aired his views.

“As a successful retired boxer, I can actually speak facts,” he pointed out. “All these unsuccessful boxing people got the fighters fooled.

“A message to fighters talking to trainers, managers, and promoters, ask your trainer to show you his BoxRec (bio). See if he or she did what they telling you to do.

“Go talk to your managers and see how successful their previous fighters were. Are they happy with how they managed them?

“Ask them what they can do that you cant do yourself, and ask the promoter what fighters they have made money fighting and were the fighters happy with the promoter?

“I’ll have to repost to remind,” he concluded.

Allen vs. Lovejoy was lined up for Halloween 2020 until Don King stepped in. It’s thought Allen may be persuaded out of retirement for one last fight if Hearn can finally make the Lovejoy bout.

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