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Home » Cris Cyborg blasts MMA weights as fighter faints twice but won’t blame cut

Cris Cyborg blasts MMA weights as fighter faints twice but won’t blame cut

World MMA champion Cris Cyborg has hit out at the sport’s weight divisions after Julija Stoliarenko fainted twice in Las Vegas, canceling a fight.

Stoliarenko was due to face Julia Avila this weekend but was in bad shape and collapsed while taking the scales.

Amazingly, the bantamweight star refused to blame the situation on cutting weight. She made it clear that staying at the limit too long was the cause.

“The problem was not my weight cut,” said Stoliarenko. “It was actually one of the easiest weight cuts in my career. Weight was dropping too fast.

“The main issue, I think, was that I made weight too early. Basically, the weigh-ins start at 9 a.m., and I was already on weight at 5 a.m. It was just too long of a time on weight.

“As everybody knows, when you cut weight, you can not be on this weight for too long because you’re already at the limit of your dehydration. That was an issue why it all happened.

“I’m so upset because right now I’m feeling great. I feel ready for a fight. My body feels great. I’m still in good shape.

“I know that I can fight. It just happened that the athletic commission did not clear me for a fight because we are taking care of the fighters. That situation looked terrible.”

Avila was disappointed the fight was scrapped but said safety was paramount.

“Unfortunately, my fight (with Julija) has been canceled. My opponent fainted twice on the scales.

“I hope nothing but a speedy recovery for @julija.stoliarenko and prayers for her. Maybe we can meet up at a future date.

“But I will not be performing tomorrow night. As always, thank you to #pandaNation for the support. I love you all.”

Cyborg, linked to a boxing match on many occasions, gave her views on the shock events and called for more weight classes across the board.

“This is why women’s MMA needs more weight classes and not less,” she pointed out.

When quizzed at how that could affect the depth of each division, she answered: “PFL has three women in their 155lbs tournament from the Olympics.”

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