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Home » Exclusive: Lucas Browne berates Deontay Wilder, talks WBA mess

Exclusive: Lucas Browne berates Deontay Wilder, talks WBA mess

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Lucas Browne, a fighter who did what many have failed to do in their career, believes Deontay Wilder has been found out.

The Aussie says Wilder is now outed as laying blame everywhere but at his door.

Browne, who claimed a version of the heavyweight crown during the height of his ring stint, has blasted the American’s antics since losing to Tyson Fury.

‘Big Daddy,’ who has enjoyed sparring sessions with Fury, sees the “Bronze Bomber” on the scrapheap following his stoppage defeat and subsequent conspiracy theories.

Speaking candidly to WBN, the rugged Australian held nothing back and was open to any questions.


Once the topic of Wilder came up, Browne let rip in a no-holds-barred fashion.

“For me, Deontay Wilder is just making excuses for getting beat fair and square. He can’t handle losing,” Browne exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He was found entirely out by Tyson Fury for the s*** boxer he is. He’s embarrassed by what happened and using it as an excuse.

“Deontay Wilder needs to start knocking people out again or retire happy and leave boxing alone.

“At this point, he’s looking like a spoilt kid and hard to work with entirely. He can’t box, he has one punch, and that’s it.

“So he needs to do what he’s good at or leave the sport for good.”

Lucas Browne Deontay Wilder
WBA / Mikey Williams


A former WBA ‘regular’ ruler, Browne was then asked his opinion on the World Boxing Association ranking situation.

WBN removed the WBA’s recognition as one of the major sanctioning bodies due to their obvious and blatant rating of Bermane Stiverne.

The day before Stiverne was due to fight Trevor Bryan, the WBA bumped the ex-WBC belt holder up the ratings, obviously at promoter Don King’s request.

Subsequently, Stiverne was then eligible to fight for the title stripped from Mahmoud Charr. The German-based former champion was relieved of the strap for not flying to the USA to fight at the coronavirus second wave peak.

A shocking turn of events, coupled with Manny Pacquiao also being stripped despite helping his country during the pandemic. Those are the two significant reasons for WBN’s decision.

Asked how Stiverne earned a ranking despite not winning in five years, Browne responded: “I have no idea how Don King got him in those rankings.

“But it shows clearly that money and politics rule the sport.”

On whether other outlets should follow WBN’s example, the veteran added: “I don’t think they can cut them out of rankings and go as far as WBN did with it all.

“But by all means, WBN can have their opinion. Without a doubt, there’s something wrong with boxing at the moment.”


With a fight against Rugby star-turned boxer Paul Gallen in the pipeline, Browne concluded with an update.

“I’m looking to fight in April and July. I have a contract to fight Arsene Fosso in April. But Gallen also wants to fight April, so either one of those.”

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN