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Home » Joseph Parker denies ludicrous claims he’s New Zealand’s Walter White

Joseph Parker denies ludicrous claims he’s New Zealand’s Walter White

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Former world champion Joseph Parker has reacted to a court order allowing the publication of his name allegedly linked to a methamphetamine ring.

The ex-WBO ruler flew out to the United Kingdom this week to begin preparation for a potential battle with Dereck Chisora, hours before the bombshell dropped.

Parker has spoken out about the ludicrous claims that he could be the New Zealand version of Walter White from Breaking Bad.

In his absence, his legal representative addressed the decision to release his information in the public domain.

Entirely oblivious to why his name came up, Parker thoroughly denied all accusations.

“If there were relevant, reliable, credible evidence that there was offending by Mr. Parker, they would have charged him,” Mike Heron QC pointed out as reported by

A statement on Friday was released in which Parker himself revealed his disappointment in the process.

“This has been going on for ages now, and it takes a toll. I haven’t been charged with anything,” said Parker.

Joseph Parker
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“It doesn’t feel right that my name will be connected to matters I’ve had no chance to defend myself against. It’s a terrible position to be in,” he added.

Parker continued to those who named him: “Things have been said about me that are entirely untrue.

“Some of them have already been proven untrue. I was given no chance to respond at the time they were made.

“It’s caused a lot of stress and worry for myself and my family. It just seems totally wrong.

“Having said that, I need to accept the decision and get on with my life. I have other fights to fight,” the boxer concluded.


Heron outlined that the whole case against Joseph Parker was a fabrication and would be rigorously opposed.

“Despite the lack of evidence against him, unfounded allegations were made against Mr. Parker in court,” stated Heron.

“Those allegations were not supported by evidence, unnecessary, and unfair. Unfortunately, those matters were beyond the control of Mr. Parker.

“Mr. Parker and his legal team respectfully acknowledge and accept those decisions while disagreeing with them.”

The 29-year-old should remain in the UK until completing the Chisora event, which Matchroom is likely to announce in the coming weeks.

Chisora vs. Parker, which was initially due in 2019, is expected to be a Pay Per View headliner on Sky Sports Box Office.

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