Jon Jones has a clear path to be the greatest of all time

Jon Jones hasn’t looked better than he does right now. Jones surprised the UFC world when he relinquished his UFC light heavyweight championship last fall. At first, it was due to contract negotiations over salary; however, he eventually came to terms with the UFC and moved to the heavyweight division. 

Even though the UFC president has been consistently saying that Francis Ngannou will get the next title shot against UFC champion Stipe Miocic, he is not opposed to giving Jones his title shot once he makes his heavyweight debut. Jones has been a consistent favorite among UFC fight night predictions and it will be no different when he makes his entrance into this weight class. 

A title shot

Jones will get a shot in the heavyweight class but it doesn’t mean that he is going to surpass Ngannou. With Miocic scheduled to take on Miocic on UFC 260 on March 27th, Jones is expected to wait to fight the winner of this matchup. That means we likely won’t see him fight until at least the summertime with July the most likely date. 

Jones has been hard at work training for his future opponent. Despite fans not being in attendance, Jones’s social media account will be highly watched as he will likely be watching from afar. Known for his cocky comments online, it will be interesting to see his thoughts during this upcoming title bout. 

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Training for the next match

For now, his social media account has featured documentation of his workouts with his most recent workouts seeing him lifting several hundred pounds of weight in different training routines. Jones was already a powerful puncher. Now, he appears even better. 

Jones hasn’t fought in the Octagon in over a year when he last defeated light heavyweight champion, Dominick Reyes, at UF 347 in Houston, Texas. If Jones stays clean, meaning no failed drug tests, and keeps his training up, he will be the centerpiece of the summer promotional. 

The opportunity for Stipe

While Jones will get all the attention, Miocic is going to fly under the radar once again. If he can retain his belt against Ngannou, that would be the first step to set up the ultra showdown between two of the best to fight among the heavyweight ranks. When Miocic fought Daniel Cormier, he was the favorite but seemed to receive less of the buzz. He would get the same with Jones as all the attention would be on his return. 

This gives Miocic the clearest path towards becoming a guaranteed all-time great. With two more wins in 2021, Miocic could be one of the greatest fighters ever born. As for Jones, a title in the heavyweight would guarantee his place as the greatest as an all-around heavyweight great. 

See, these storylines are juicy and weren’t even close to the fight yet. 

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