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Christy Martin discusses surviving life-threatening domestic violence

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Former champion and women’s pound-for-pound queen Christy Martin has spoken openly about almost losing her life to domestic violence.

Now a boxing promoter, Martin joined the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer recently.

The former champ gives a blow-by-blow of her near-death experience at the hands of her ex-husband.

Martin reveals why she didn’t let the shooting keep her out of the ring.

She also breaks down how women’s boxing can learn from the UFC and gives female fighters some advice.

“As soon as I came too in the hospital, that was the first thing I told everybody, I want to go back to the gym,” Martin told Brian Custer. “I’m going back to the ring. I’m going to fight again.

“God left me here for a reason, and I have to do good for that reason.

“I go out and speak at jails, domestic violence shelters, anytime, wherever. Any opportunity I get to share my story and bring awareness to domestic violence, I do it.

“And the main thing for people to understand is you cannot wait because you don’t know what date that it’s going to be when that abuser is going to attack you.”


Asked by Custer about her thoughts on UFC, she added: “I don’t know why boxing can’t use that same road map, but it’s also not using the same road map on making matches either.

“Over there on the UFC, and I don’t like it, I don’t like the MMA stuff, but the best fight the best, and here on boxing, sometimes we figure out how the best not to fight the best.

“And too much is given to that 0, fighters in the 70s, 80s were all going to fight each other. Even the heavyweights, they were all willing to take a chance.”

Concluding with her advice to the new generation, Martin said: “I think female fighters have to understand its business.

“So as you’re going through, you have to build up your fan base, and that’s what it all comes down to. It’s all about business.

“Even the guys who are on undercards of PPV fights, it’s the guys who will bring attention to the undercard. It’s always about who’s going to bring attention.”

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