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Interesting Online Games to Play while on Lockdown

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Now that the government has issued a lockdown, what next? They say that home is a safe and comfortable haven. While it is fun staying at home, being there because of the lockdown can get monotonous and boring.

Being on lockdown, you have no freedom of leaving your home. Thankfully, there is the internet, and you can connect with your friends over online games during this time. Not only are these games fun, but they are also effective stress-busters. Let’s explore the most interesting online games that you can play with your friends during this time.


  1. PUBG


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle game developed by PUBG Corporation. With a battle royale style, you can actively participate in the game with other players online. It has the ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ theme, making it fun during this lockdown period. When playing, you will have 100 players with you and dropped by a plane on an island. With a map to navigate the island, a player must loot weapons and supplies to help you conquer. The gameplay is easy and navigable for anyone who can read. You can download the game on your mobile phone or play it online.


  1. Call of Duty


Owned by Activision, Call of Duty is a game that appeals to the younger audience due to its simplistic nature, fun, as well as action-packed gameplay. The game is pretty easy to play but requires commitment and discipline to master. Additionally, it has different variations, and you can choose your favourite option, depending on what you like. You can choose Modern Warfare, Black Ops, or World at War and play with your friends over the internet. If you are unsure about it, you can begin with the IMO as you move to the Modern Warfare series. Most people feel that the Black Ops story arc is the least impressive.


  1. Clash of Clans


It is available for Android and iOS users, Clash of Clans is a freely downloadable game that you will have fun playing. You can comfortably play the game on your mobile phone. However, if you want to play it on a bigger screen like a desktop, you must first download the LDPlayer Android emulator for your desktop and install it. As the name suggests, it is a clash against clans; players will be attacking each other’s villages in order to earn resources. As a player, you are required to train your troops and prepare them for these attacks. Your main focus will be getting gold and elixir to build and upgrade your defence. Gems are also a common currency in the game.


  1. League of Legends


League of Legends is an online game with teams based with more than 140 champions. It is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that involves two teams of five players each. The free to play game has attracted a huge following on the internet and has increased in popularity during the lockdown period. With an accessible and navigable website layout, players can quickly learn the game and enjoy it with friends over the internet. While the major variation of the game is the Summoner’s Rift, you can also play All Random, All Mid (ARAM), a replica of the Summoner’s Rift. The only difference is that ARAM has a long lane with no jungle area. Additionally, randomly selected champions to play in the game unlike the standard versions.


  1. FIFA


FIFA is among the most popular eSports games in the world. By 2019 alone, the FIFA series had sold over 283 million copies, and this just shows how much it is revered. The game has a football or soccer theme where you can choose the teams to play with as well as players, coaches and manager. With every win, you will get more points as well as funding to buy players and caches on contract. It replicates real life football and excites a lot of people. It captures everything you love about a real world football game from the team’s players and their looks, their jersey numbers, and the football pitches they play at. Depending on your preferences and expertise, you can play it for money or fun during this lockdown.


  1. Candy Crush


Are you looking for a fun and effortless way to bust your stress? Well, Candy Crush is among the most exciting games with puzzles. Your role will be to switch and match candies in the puzzle in order to progress to the next level. After completing each level, you will be ranked and awarded some stars for the next levels. The game is fun and opens your mind to more puzzle matching opportunities. Even better, it has guidelines to show you the candies that are likely to match.


  1. Teen Patti Online Poker


Teen Patti is a popular game that involves three to seven players. The game uses a 52-deck of cards without jokers and follows the standard poker game rules. You can play the game online for real money or fun in a reputable online casino. The gameplay involves a dealer dealing cards to all players in an anti-clockwise manner. Usually, the player next to the dealer starts the gaming round, and the other players can choose to play blind or not. It is a fun game to practice during this lockdown period.



With the lockdown announcement in most places, many people are looking for ways to maximise the time behind locked doors. All these games guarantee you a better shot at fun and entertainment during this lonely lockdown period. Some of these card games will be available in the best fast payout casinos, which means you can also earn a few bucks from playing online. As you choose a game, you must determine your most favourable times and platforms as well. If you are a night time gamer, you might want to choose a game with live online players to maximise the fun. The same case applies to those who love gaming with physical friends and family. Check the software’s navigation and operation so you can determine the options that favour you. You should find all the prompts within a second on the online gaming site or software.