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Home » ‘Showman’ Chris Eubank reveals how his distinct accent evolved

‘Showman’ Chris Eubank reveals how his distinct accent evolved

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Former world boxing champion Chris Eubank revealed how he got that very distinct accent and why a ‘show-off’ is different from a showman.

In a recent taping of Pier Morgan’s Life Stories, Eubank sat down to chat with the Good Morning Britain presenter to dissect his career and other topics.

One of those was to go over his mannerisms and showmanship. Something Eubank is famed for.

A tentative Morgan opened up the conversation.

Piers Morgan: If I ask the wrong question. Am I liable to get the right hook?

Chris Eubank: Well, that would only disrespect everything that I have actually been able to achieve.

Morgan: So I’m safe?

Eubank: Oh. Yeah. I mean, this is purely intellectual.

PM: Because I’ve known him a long time and in that time we’ve always been, whenever I’ve met you, unfailingly courteous, polite, respectful. And yet what I’ve seen you in a ring, very different character. What’s the biggest misunderstanding about you, do you think?

Chris Eubank Piers Morgan


CE: That I’m arrogant, I’m not arrogant. In the ring, I am. But not outside the ring. Outside the ring, I’m gentle.

PM: It’s a fine line between being a showman and being arrogant. Either in the ring or out of the ring.

CE: Inwardly, there is a huge, vast difference between a show-off and a showman. And I’m a showman, so I’m doing it to entertain. I’m doing it to say to people, if I can do this, then so can you.


PM: I mean, you’re very flamboyant. I always have been. You’re very eloquent. Obviously, your voice is very distinctive. Where does that come from?

CE: Upstairs Downstairs. Do you remember that?

PM: Yes. Did you watch that?

CE: Yeah. Yeah.

PM: And you would listen to the way they spoke?

CE: Yes.

PM: And would you focus on the accents above or below stairs?

CE: I lived with what was downstairs. Yeah, I was heading upstairs. So the dress sense, you know. Mannerisms, everything. Manners.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories remains available on the ITV Hub.

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