‘Showman’ Chris Eubank reveals how his distinct accent evolved

Chris Eubank

Mark Robinson

Former world boxing champion Chris Eubank has revealed just how he got that very distinct accent and why a ‘show-off’ is different from a showman.

In a recent taping of Pier Morgan’s Life Stories, Eubank sat down for a chat with the Good Morning Britain presenter to dissect his career and other topics.

One of those was to go over his mannerisms and showmanship. Something Eubank is famed for.

A tentative Morgan opened up the conversation.

Piers Morgan: If I ask the wrong question. Am I liable to get the right hook?

Chris Eubank: Well, that would only disrespect everything that I have actually been able to achieve.

Morgan: So I’m safe?

Eubank: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, this is purely intellectual.

PM: Because I’ve known him a long time and in that time we’ve always been, whenever I’ve met you, unfailingly courteous, polite, respectful. And yet what I’ve seen you in a ring, very different character. What’s the biggest misunderstanding about you, do you think?

Chris Eubank Piers Morgan

CE: That I’m arrogant, I’m not arrogant. In the ring, I am. But not outside the ring. Outside the ring, I’m gentle.

PM: It’s a fine line between being a showman and being arrogant. Either in the ring or out of the ring.

CE: Inwardly, there is a huge, vast difference between a show-off and a showman. And I’m a showman, so I’m doing it to entertain. I’m doing it to say to people, look, if I can do this, then so can you.


PM: I mean, you’re very flamboyant. I always have been. You’re very eloquent. Obviously, your voice is very distinctive. Where does that come from?

CE: Upstairs Downstairs. Do you remember that?

PM: Yes. Did you watch that?

CE: Yeah. Yeah.

PM: And you would listen to the way they spoke?

CE: Yes.

PM: And would you be focussing on the accents above or below stairs?

CE: I lived with what was downstairs. Yeah, I was heading upstairs. So the dress sense, you know. Mannerisms, everything. Manners.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories remains available on the ITV Hub.