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Home » Stats reveal Adrien Broner could have lost nine rounds in comeback win

Stats reveal Adrien Broner could have lost nine rounds in comeback win

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An Adrien Broner storm erupted after the American’s latest victory upon viewing the post-fight statistics for his victory over Jovanie Santiago.

‘The Problem’ claimed a unanimous decision with the three ringside judges as Broner improved to 34-4-1 with a first win in four long years.

The autopsy began immediately after the scores came back 117-110, 116-111, and 115-112 in favor of Broner.

As WBN reported, Broner was given the first round with two judges despite not landing a single punch that session.

The controversy has led to a closer look at each round. You could now argue that Broner may have lost up to ten or eleven rounds to Santiago. Nine certainly.

CompuBox punch stats for the fight make eye-gouging viewing.


Round 1

Broner landed 0 of 12. Santiago 3/17. Scoring is possible 9/10 or 10/10 at a push. WBN call – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 2

Six of 20 hit the spot for Broner. Six of 29 for Santiago. Scoring possible 10/9 or 10/10. WBN – 10/9 Broner.

Round 3

Broner four of 25. Santiago 18 of 53. Scoring possible 9/10 in the most convincing round yet. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 4

Five of 25 for Broner. 19 of 68 were thrown for Santiago. Scoring possible 9/9 due to point deduction for Santiago. WBN – Drawn.

Round 5

Broner hit seven of 24. Santiago scored 19 of 56, far out-working Broner through those three rounds. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 6

Broner 13 of 32. Santiago 28 of 82. Broner’s second-best percentage round, but Santiago landed more than double. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 7

Broner nine of 35. Santiago 15 of 54. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 8

Broner landed 13 of 36. Santiago hit 18 of 63. Far more quantity and work all around from Santiago. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 9

Broner 14 of 38 as he continued to realize he needed more output. Santiago 18 of 57. Close. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 10

Broner 12 0f 28. Santiago 19 of 65. You have to give it to Santiago despite Broner’s 42% landing ratio. Almost double the scoring punches once again. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

Round 11

Broner 8 of 29. Santiago 12 of 58. Close round and could have gone either way despite more work again from Santiago. WBN – Broner 10/9.

Round 12 

Broner 7 of 34. Santiago was 32 of 95 in his most one-sided round of the fight. WBN – 9/10 Santiago.

WBN Score: 110-117 to Jovanie Santiago over Adrien Broner.

Official Adrien Broner vs. Jovanie Santiago cards:

Adrien Broner Jovanie Santiago scorecards

In his post-fight interview, Broner said he’d ‘go back and look at his fight.’ If he does so, the only conclusion he should reach is that he lost the bout.

Broner will be in line for a massive payday with a win he couldn’t afford to lose. But if he’s true to himself, he knows much more needed to be done to have claimed that W.

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