Smithy’s TGW Gym to continue supporting local hero Braxton Rayner in 2021

RINGSIDE 23/02/2021

BRAXTON RAYNER HOLDS A SPECIAL PLACE in the heart of everyone involved at Smithy’s TGW Gym. Upon learning the story of Braxton and his family back in 2013 the team moved immediately to see what could be done to help this courageous young man.

From it came a fundraiser at one of Brendon Smith’s fight nights and more importantly a friendship. Now in 2021 Smith, through the TGW Campaign wants to support the family financially once again.

“Braxton and his mother and father Kirsten and Clinton are like family to everyone involved at the gym.” Smith said.

“We were so proud to support them a number of years ago, they in turn were great support to myself and my family when we lost Brayd – there is a special bond.

“Brayd really took it upon himself to lead the way supporting Braxton and his family and he was the captain of our boxing team that night which also included Jack Asis, Kris George, Darren Askew and Will Young.

Everyone in the community rallied behind this young family.

“They’ve been through so much.

“Recently Braxton had to go in for further surgery where 60ml was drained from a cyst to take pressure off his brain.

“How brave is this young man, it’s truly inspirational.

“This young family is a prime example of why we are pushing so hard for a neurosurgeon in Toowoomba.

“It’s hard enough what this young family is dealing with let alone adding to it the stress, burden and extra costs of ongoing trips to Brisbane.

“It’s too much.

“We should have a neurosurgeon in Toowoomba.”

Smith has a huge fight promotion coming on March 27 – TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 27.

“This is our annual fight night in honour of Brayd so we have a large focus around the campaign to bring a neurosurgeon to Toowoomba on the night.

“The TGW committee voted unanimously to use this night as a fundraiser for Braxton and his family.

“Kirsten and Clinton were reluctant because they’re so humble but I more or less told them this is what we want to do so on March 27 we will send the buckets around and all the money gathered will go to the Rayner family.

“The TGW committee views Braxton and his family as inspirations and this is the least we can do.”