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Home » Christopher Lovejoy defends Mexico-only ‘worst perfect record’

Christopher Lovejoy defends Mexico-only ‘worst perfect record’

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Heavyweight Christopher Lovejoy has defended his choice to fight only in Mexico where he’s knocked out all his opponents.

The 35-year-old has amassed a 19-0 record facing exclusively Mexican also-rans opponents.

Unsurprisingly, the American has knocked out everyone within three rounds, most in the first session.

One example of how bad Lovejoy’s victories are is apparent in a World Boxing News article.

Lovejoy fought a 220-pounder who was giving up 82 pounds on his debut. He almost KO’d Lovejoy early.

Lovejoy then took out Aron Franco before the first three minutes ended.

That certainly wasn’t the end of the story. The pair faced each other in Lovejoy’s 15th bout. Despite Franco losing two bouts in the meantime, both via early stoppage.

Franco hadn’t fought for two years and had gained sixty pounds. Lovejoy then took him out in 37 seconds.

It is genuinely shocking, considering it was so many victories down the line.

Dave Allen Christopher Lovejoy

Lovejoy has since come out fighting, arguing his choice to only campaign south of the American border.

“There are good fighters with bad records. And terrible fighters with good records,” the puncher told Sky Sports.

“They come to fight because they have a lot of pride. I know people who went down there and lost.

“I know a heavyweight who went down to Mexico and lost by disqualification.

“In Mexico, you’d better go for the knockout because you’re in their country. The judges don’t care about you.”


Asked about his skillset, Christopher Lovejoy added: “I’m a huge guy with a (football) background.

“I can bench and squat 400lbs. I can dunk a basketball, and I can run fast. I’m very powerful,” Lovejoy stressed.

Regarding where he can go with his boxing career, he concluded: “I’m up there with the best.

“In sparring, whenever I touch someone, it changes the whole dynamic. As soon as I touch someone, they fall.

“Ask anyone who spars with me, and they will say that I hit like a mule. The power comes naturally.”

Furthermore, fights with Dave Allen and Bermane Stiverne have fallen apart over the past few months as Lovejoy focuses on Mexico.

There is not a single grain of footage available from any of Lovejoy’s fights.

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