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Home » Fans worry Tyson Fury inactivity could have an effect on weight

Fans worry Tyson Fury inactivity could have an effect on weight

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After a year out of the ring, Tyson Fury is not looking in his best shape, and fans are worried about the heavyweight champion’s future.

‘The Gypsy King’ jumped into a cold Morecambe Bay over the weekend and was considerably more flabby around the gills.

Obvious gaining has led to questioning whether Fury is heading back in the wrong direction concerning his poundage.

‘I hope Tyson Fury is not putting the weight back on,” said one comment.

Another added: “Tyson lost all that weight. Being out for a year is not doing him any favors!”

Losing over 150 pounds for his comeback in 2018, Fury regained the heavyweight title with a Deontay Wilder stoppage in 2020.

It was a remarkable feat from where he once was.

Depressed and morbidly obese, Fury joined forces with Ben Davison in 2017 and launched the modern era’s most remarkable comeback.

In his autobiography, he described how it went down.

“We got to Marbella on New Year’s Eve 2017, and I had an Indian meal with my family and some friends, including Dave Reay, who had come along as support for me, which I appreciated.

“It was the last supper before seven weeks of challenging, disciplined work.


“This diet would help me shift the weight because it would force my body to seek fat to burn for fuel to give me the energy to train.

“We knew that it would naturally leave me a bit short of energy at first. But it had to be done and proved to be ideal for losing the pounds.

“My daily diet consisted of bacon, cheese, and eggs with mayo for breakfast.

“For lunch, it was half a roast chicken with mayo, and for dinner, it was two burgers with cheese and bacon (no buns) and some mayo.

“That was it for seven weeks, with some black coffee in between.

“The things that we left out were foods such as milk, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and some other vegetables.

“Sugar also had to be kept to a minimum,” he added.

With a fight against Anthony Joshua in the pipeline, Fury needs to stay sharp and get down to hard training in the coming weeks.

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