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Home » Michael Watson says, ‘It’s OK, let’s move on’ as Chris Eubank sobs on TV

Michael Watson says, ‘It’s OK, let’s move on’ as Chris Eubank sobs on TV

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British boxing star Michael Watson has told former opponent Chris Eubank to “move on” from the devastation of their ill-fated 1991 UK battle.

Watson suffered life-changing injuries and almost died after the pair traded leather in a war that ended in a twelfth-round stoppage.

Once defeated, Watson was immediately in trouble and rushed to the hospital. His ailments were so severe that Watson had to learn to walk and talk again.

Eubank always felt a sense of guilt and admitted the rest of his career was affected by what went down that fateful night at White Hart Lane in Tottenham.

Appearing on an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – airing on ITV tonight – Eubank sat for an interview as Watson appeared in the audience.

Morgan began to delve deeper once a VT of the fight and aftermath played in in the studio.

“An incredibly difficult moment for you, for Michael, to the sport, for everyone involved. What are your memories of that night?” – Morgan asked Eubank.

“You know, I don’t, I don’t know whether I can even still make sense of what happened,” responded Eubank.

“You know, him having to go through what he’s gone through and to be here still and it’s you know, I can’t you see, I can’t tell you how sorry…

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am,” he added, visibly sobbing.

He continued: “It’s the only thing I regret in my career and really,” before Watson then interjected with stunning forgiveness.

Watson said: “Let’s move on, Chris, it’s all right, it’s OK, bruv. Let’s move on in life: peace and love.

“I love you, Chris. It’s all in the past. Let’s move on in life, Chris. We’re here together. Let’s live and love. I love you, Chris.

“Let’s move on. We are born warriors. We are real. God bless you, Chris.”

Turning to Eubank first and then Watson, Morgan said: “How much does it mean to you to have Michael, and thank you so much for coming. I greatly appreciate that.”

“Absolute pleasure,” replied Watson.

Chris Eubank Piers Morgan
The conversation with Chris Eubank carried on:

PM: For you, Chris, I mean, to have the man come to your life story show as a mark of respect – for you. That’s an extraordinary thing.

CE: Yeah, it’s been an extraordinary, you know, extraordinary events over the years. 

PM: I’ve not seen this side of you. And it’s very powerful, and it’s very real. And it shows just how much it affected you and how much you still care about what happened. 

PM: Michael. There’ll be people watching this who will be amazed that you’re here. What do you feel about Chris now that we are where we are so much further down the line? 

MW: This could have happened to anyone. It was a sheer accident. 

PM: Did you always feel as forgiving towards him? 

MW: I’m not a hater. I’m a lover. I am a loving soul. 

PM: And why was it important for you to be here today? 

MW: Because I want to be a part of the story. Simple as that.

In conclusion, Chris Eubank stated: “Well, Michael, you are the story, you are the story.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs tonight at 9 pm on ITV.