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Home » Knock Josh Warrington out in breakout win, celebrate with a pizza

Knock Josh Warrington out in breakout win, celebrate with a pizza

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Mauricio Lara is the toast of Mexico, having knocked out previously undefeated Josh Warrington in a UK shocker – for those who didn’t know.

Lara was a huge underdog to defeat Warrington, but there was great confidence in his team pre-fight.

So it proved on fight night as Lara announced himself on the world stage with a Sky Sports stoppage.

Speaking after the victorious contest, Lara planned to head for a pizza.

“The reason I performed so well is because of the support of my family,” said Lara.

“I think Josh Warrington needed to know that this fight wasn’t going to be easy. He shouldn’t have been making plans for future fights. I am delighted at the moment.

“We just had to take our time and wait. He was a great champion. That’s why he continued to fight on and be strong and have a good heart.

“I didn’t want to tire myself out too much. I had to take it round by round and wait for that final blow when it came in the ninth.

“We were very confident in our team in what we could do. Of course, there is a surprise when it actually comes off. We’re happy with our performance. I know I am heavy-handed, and that’s what showed during the fight.

Mauricio Lara Josh Warrington

Mark Robinson

“I’m really, really happy. I’m crazy happy.

“I look forward to going back home to see my daughter and my wife. I’m looking forward to spending time with them.

“There is a tinge of sadness that I can’t take the belt home.

“At least Mexicans know that they have a new number one going home with that victory. I will have a massive pizza, and I’m looking forward to it!”


A rematch has been touted between the pair as there was a clause in the contract.

But after what was a one-sided battle, there are severe doubts that Warrington will take up that stipulation.

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