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Hearn on Teofimo, Deontay Wilder mess, AJ-Fury, BJS, Andy Ruiz Jr. MIA

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Promoter Eddie Hearn spoke to Sirius XM recently in his weekly ‘Hearn Report’ address to go over several topics, including Deontay Wilder.

Hearn spoke about all things boxing, all the major talking points of which are below.

You can listen to the interview in full on Sirius XM or DAZN.


• Received an email from the IBF regarding Teo and Kambosos’ purse bids.
• If this goes to purse bids, DAZN, PBC, and Top Rank can bid for this fight
• This will be an exciting week. This puts pressure on Arum and Top Rank to make that deal with Lopez.
• Plan for Devin is to be active in April. Garcia could fight Fortuna.
• Haney-Linares is an option as well.
• Devin Haney is a phenomenal talent, but he still has much to prove.
• Will do everything he can to get Lopez. He’s one of the big stars of boxing, who’s fantastic for the sport.
• He doesn’t think Lopez is happy right now.
• Arum doesn’t want to pay any significant money right now because of where we are.
• But he does expect Bob and Teo to reach a deal. This isn’t something he wants to be taken to a purse bid.


• Expects a complete sellout for the Canelo fight against Yildirim.
• This is the first time he’ll be fighting in Florida for such a big fight.
• What Ali did was incredibly courageous, especially as a fighter.
• Ali knew there would be consequences in the ring for his actions outside of it.
• AJ is big on how a man should carry himself and his obligations to his family and people around him.

• No one will ever have the impact Ali had, but people can learn from him.
• Ali was as far away from a sellout than you could ever be.
• Where is Andy Ruiz? He needs to get back in the ring. Wilder needs to get back too. The HW division is so exciting with all the talent there is.
• Bob Arum called him last night. He said they should lay low on the AJ-Fury talks. Please wait until the contract is signed to announce it.
• The time to educate Billy Joe on how to behave on social media has passed.
• Ideally, Canelo wins on Feb. 27, Billy comes in the ring, they go head to head and announce the fight between them. Hoping the announcement can happen live on DAZN.

Deontay Wilder


• Mark Breland was actually one of the most underrated fighters he’s seen.
• To have the accusations that were thrown at Breland over Deontay Wilder’s stoppage was a disgrace.
• Breland’s comments were out of character, but he’s just had enough.
• Deontay Wilder needs to get on with his career.

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